Institute of Tennis (1st place Polish nationals 2014)

SeIverin 3125

1 Sep 2014 xethebuilder

Congratulations on the win! Looks like a very solid build. Was Tyrant very useful?

2 Sep 2014 hi_impact

Interesting build. I will try it out this week!

2 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Tyrant is brilliant in this deck (i think its only deck where he is good...). Im sad that i dont have more influence for second one. I'm just warning that i put will o wisp 1 day before tournament. And like all changes in last moment it was bad one. I used it only 1 during whole tournament and my starting hands were often without ice. So -2xWill of the wisp and +1xwall of thorns +1xgrim.

3 Sep 2014 Two_EG

Biotic labor eats up so many influence.. any subsitute?

3 Sep 2014 AsteriskCGY

@two_EG I think the point of Biotic is last ditch 2 points between Braintrust, Philotic, and that second Medical Breakthrough. At some point the ice won't hold out, and the free token ride ends. If anything Biotic IA Trick Trick a TFP.

3 Sep 2014 Duxmar

The money in this thing is insane! Super fun glacial deck, wish I had the influence for a second Tyrant, though, the games where it comes are much nastier to deal with, but I understand the need for the biotic.

3 Sep 2014 SeIverin

1 biotic is needed and sadly there is no substitute. I need biotic to score future perfect from hand.

3 Sep 2014 chill84

Selverin, are you on stimhack or boardgamegeek ?

This is the best deck design that I have seen since Andrew Veen''s 2013 Making News deck.

3 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Yes, I'm on bgg. But I'm rarely writing posts. And thx :)

3 Sep 2014 Gurkensalat

I guess you will play this deck remoteless (besides Jackson), right?

3 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Most of the time yes. But I sometimes make scoring remote with 2-3 ice an caprice, if I play vs slow runner.

3 Sep 2014 Godzilla

"SeIverin: 1 biotic is needed and sadly there is no substitute. I need biotic to score future perfect from hand."

How do you do that?

3 Sep 2014 chill84

install advance trick trick

4 Sep 2014 AsteriskCGY

Huh, so my previous plays of this identity was a NA style deck, to at most make use of a free token onto the agenda to score a 4 cost. At three cost though you'd need a turn of it out without tricks, and the only way to get tricks back would be jackson. Do you hope they steal that first Medical so you can trick another and IAA the third saving the other two tricks for TFP? What can you do with the other 3 cost agendas then?

4 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Depend of the situation. Main plan is to score 3x 3/2 and 2/1. So i need to do this 3 fa operation. I have 4 in deck so even without jackson i can end the game. If i have medical i'm waiting for runner to steal first one. But it's not a problem to use 2 tricks to score it if needed. If runner has low ap i'm bluffing medical as howard. Often runner dont want to waste click to check and next turn with id ability i score it. And if runner have stolen it, i'm scoring second medical with tricks. I'm only try to score future perfect if i don't have otger agenda in hq, because it's hard to steal.

4 Sep 2014 ellonellanfair

Congrats on the win Selv. Why not go with the 11 agenda spread (-2 FP +2 NAPD, +1 Braintrust) so that you can drop the biotic labor,drop the wisps, add a second tyrant and a reclamation order? How many times did Grim hit in testing? Why not a third Tsurugi? I'm keen to drop Fundraisers too for subliminals, but I guess you want early money with all the ice rez costs.

5 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Because less agenda is better. And future perfect is much more harder to steal. And grim is very good for taxing. Fundraisers are the way to play restructure from low money. Tsurugi isn't so great because of parasites.

5 Sep 2014 Thike

I've been playing with it, and boy is it strong. And fun! A fast advance glacier hybrid that actually interacts with your opponent. I can't wait for Space Camp to come out, you could then leave archives open to non-Security testing decks and give them a catch-22.

5 Sep 2014 Pinkwarrior

Have you thought about Archived Memories / Reclamation Order for the Biotic that way you can save 2 influence to use on another tyrant. Sadly it means your relying on trick to fast advance.

6 Sep 2014 SeIverin

I explained it in previous posts, I need 1 biotic to have an option to future perfect, I don't need archived memories at all.

7 Sep 2014 temporar

How many credits you were getting out of Commercialization? On average? Tyrant is such a long shot. Nice pick.

7 Sep 2014 Subbak

Did you manage to do anything with Entanglement? It seems almost impossible to kill a runner with it in your deck. Or maybe it's onlyt there because it dtill does more than Braintrust when you score it?

7 Sep 2014 Matuszczak

@Subbak It's a 3/2 that doesn't have a blank textbox. You'll almost never kill with that, but damage is pretty good when the runner isn't choosing the moment. In the tournament 1 damage off philotic got Andromeda's last decoder that the runner was digging for for 2 turns. That's rare, but hey! it helped seal a game in nationals top 8.

8 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Commercialisation is main economy here. In early game commercialisation gives me 4 credits. Late game it can be 15 (and it isn't rare). Average i think it will be around 7.

And yes, philotic is better than braintrust.

8 Sep 2014 slevin38

Are you mainly Jacksoning the tricks or commercializations?

8 Sep 2014 SeIverin

Depend of what i want, money or scoring. But that two are main targets for jackson.

9 Sep 2014 ZiNOS

Very nice and tuned build. Was playing with this idea for a while and showed promise, you actually made it look really good!

8 Feb 2015 voltorocks

Just took this deck (well...almost... very close to this list) to a 24-person store champs and went undeafeated (6th place due to crummy runner performance). I have to say, I was a little surprised that this deck really still has its chops even with O&C and the whole lunar cycle out. Clot will likely be the death of this deck, so give it a whirl while you still can!

A couple of things:

-in earlier testing, I had dropped 2x will 'o for more ICE, and I have to say I regetted it. eater/keyhole/AS was the closest I came to a loss, and will o' would have saved my butt big time. Thankfully I eventually drew caprice and he spent the next 4 turns digging for his pistol while I scored out.

-I dropped Susano for an extra grim, which is a change I was mostly happy with, though Switchblade andromedas had me pitching sentries right and left. fortunately they still suck at breaking code gates and barriers. Combined with the new Eater threat, Grim felt really dead, and honestly tsurugi wasn't much better. I'm currently looking at changing things around and seeing if I can find room for a swordsman or two...

-Replaced quandary with Enigma, who ended up the mvp of the day. didn't see a single Yog all day, so tax-for-two hurts-to-facecheck enigma ended up bankrupting more than one runner. In combination with Lotus field this little guy makes an extremely strong code gate suite for a minimum of cash.