How I Met Your Overmind Challenge v2.0

Icedman 46

Rebuild of my previous Exile Overmind deck, after listening and pondering on Damon Stone's Team Covenant interview. The idea behind the deck is to spend as little credits as possible on breaking ICE.

The constant Scavenging/Test Running from the Heap should keep the card draw up, and synergises with the LLDS Processor to reduce credit costs. e3 synergises with all the breakers if necessary, and provides an alternative to using power counters on Bioroids. Helpful AIs are there to provide a further boost to a freshly-installed Overmind for those big runs.

The biggest spend in the deck is the Toolbox, which once installed will provide some income (recurring credits plus the Link to turn on Underworld Contacts), more MU for Overmind counters and Link to (possibly) let trace routines fire (Helpful AI helps here too).

2 Sep 2014 x3r0h0ur

I like this, possibly as much as mine. I never saw much play with it, I'm working on a noise deck to possibly take to worlds, so my experimentation decks have been cut quite a bit.

I like that you have probably enough cards that give link to make UWC good, which actually saves you slots vs my model of Armitage + DC + Aesop's. My econ model eats used overminds to feed the heap, and LLDS and SMC that I don't need or as needed. The key takeaway is that they're largely clickless, and that seems crucial. I'll have to put yours together and try it out.

What jumps out to me is that your tutoring is probably very overtaxed with finding Overmind, as well as finding utility breakers (D4v1d, ghook, deus, ss), to where it'll be more difficult to find medium and NA. Though, those are extremely powerful cards. Also you have only toolbox adding MU, in my build my OM gets more counters per install...I'm curious to see/know if that matters much. Finally SOT helps if you lose Levy to damage, and helps play the combo peice of test run+scavenge that you're missing for other breakers, though, without femme, it might not matter. I can't live without femme in shaper though :). Play it and post back here how it goes, I'm very curious. This type will take off when the cerberus breakers come out, but it'll reshape the build quite a bit.

3 Sep 2014 Icedman

It's going to sound crazy on the surface, but I'm wondering whether Sharpshooter is even necessary in the deck. I primarily threw it in for the Swordsman weakness (out of habit), but looking at the list of Destroyers the only things that GHook can't get through are Burke Bugs and Lancelot with no extra Grail subs. Which, as you say, might ease the burden on the tutoring/recursion.

The Medium/NA came from an earlier Exile deck I used to fun. I found I very rarely had them both installed at the same time, instead Scavenging out the most useful one for me at any given game-state. They are however wonderful for applying pressure to the Corp in terms of clearing counters.

Do check out the UC econ engine. I swapped to it from my original Casts-based clickless in (I think) v1.2 of the deck after trying Casts out for a bit and discovering I was creating scoring windows for the Corp. The other thing to try with them if Toolbox isn't your bag is Dysons; wonderful synergy with Overmind :-)

3 Sep 2014 Icedman

Oh, and Grimm, duh :-)