Chaos Theory: Intrusive Overmind

mauxfire 818

These days with NEH FA so strong and prevalent, I think speed is essential. Digging for 3 breakers will just take too long so AI breakers look a lot nicer to me. Overmind is the cheaper choice over Crypsis which adds even more speed. Chaos Theory works well with Overmind and will bring the deck size down to 40 cards for even less variance as well as give us tools to tutor and recur Overmind. I’ve seen some successful street chess decks using Overmind recursion and deep red in shaper, which is cheap to import so I’ll drop 3 of those in there too. You’ll need an Inti for Wraparound and tutors for all your programs, so Self Modifying Code, Test Run, and its best friend Scavenge can all go in. Also a Femme because Femme is awesome as well as helping with Swordsman.

I like the idea of multi access aggression coupled with the fact you can get in early, cheaply, and with little setup using Overmind. So that means 2 Leg Work, 2 The Makers Eye, 1 Indexing, and 1 Escher for good measure. Same Old Thing works great with the run event cards well.

For money, I want a Magnum Opus but I can’t mess with the MU for my Overmind. I’ll put in a Leprechaun which makes for a little bit of work to setup, but I probably will not need it half the games anyway and I only need the tutors for a minimal number of programs, this is more of a back up if the game goes long. For speed I’ll put in Sure Gamble and Armitage Code Busting. Put in 3 Diesels for draw power.

Finally we have to assume we are not playing in a vacuum, so 1 Deus X and 1 Levy AR for playing PE and 1 Plascrete Carapace and Imp for playing against Scorched and Punitive.

3 Sep 2014 Elstyr

I guess the Deep Red is a misclic?

I drop all three of them and one Planned Assault and add a second Femme Fatale and two copies of e3 Feedback Implants.

Then I would suggest to drop Inti and Deus X, would doesn't work so good without Clone Chip and means you need to constantly keep a Self-modifying Code installed for it. And that takes tokens away from your Overmind.

My general feeling is that you have to much programs. You want the free MU for the counters.

Have you tried Omni-Drive? I think it works really well with Overmind!

I'm also working on an Overmind deck at the moment, but I'm waiting for the criminal console that will come in the "Frist Contact" data pack:

"♦ BOX-E" (Criminal Hardware[Console], 1 inf). Cost 4. +2 memory. Your maximum handsize is increased by 2. Limit 1 console per player.

3 Sep 2014 Argamas

@Elstyr Deep Red is no misclick. It adds 3MU and 3 counters on Overmind.

3 Sep 2014 Elstyr

Doesn't it count only for Caissa programs?

3 Sep 2014 bower

Deep Red adds 3 MU (that can only be used by cassia), Overmind counts unused MU. Deep Red works fine here.

3 Sep 2014 mauxfire

Deep red was a deliberate choice for extra tokens as @Argamas and @bower said it's for the MU.

E3's are something I have not tried. Certainly an idea worth playing with.

I really never used clone chips when I had them in before. They turned into dead draws. This deck is pretty quick and already has a lot of recursion and the third SMC was a dead draw often as well.

Inti is a one of because Wraparound exists. Not going to take that it, it's also a free scavenge target to recur Overmind.

Deus X is anti PE, easy to test run out and Scavenge cheap programs for. It's the only thing you need to really setup against most PE decks and because it's in the meta I wouldn't take it out. PE is hard enough to play against with out every single trick you can pull out on them.

I like the idea of Omni Drive, or Mem chips instead of Leprechaun, but I'd lose MU if I plan on keeping Opus, which i dont HAVE to have it. It's just a late game answer. Also I'd lose consistency or deck slots having to add more copies to get them out on time and consistently.

I definitely like Box-E and I might switch it out when it comes out. It's a great console and I am drooling over the extra hand size.

Let me know how your Overmind deck works out.