Metal Gear Nasir

Junior 113

Tactical Espionage Nasir... i.e. stealth like there's no tomorrow!

The idea behind this is pretty simple.

Since the upcome of some new stealth cards that support the "espionage rig" as I call it, I've tried to build up a deck which exploit this kind of play.

I've played Nasir since its release with the first data pack and I've experienced really different feelings while playing him. A completely different philosophy runs under the surface of a Runner who doesn't seem to have the approval of most of the players out there.

In my opinion, this feeling is created by the strange approach, which is really dynamic, of Nasir to the game. It's like playing 3 different Runners which interacts in three different ways with the Corp.

In this version of Nasir I wanted to give him some support for mid-late game since, just by his ability, I found it very effective in the early stages of a game. I've avoided common cards such as Rook or Xanadu since of recurring/stealth credits on the cards, a choice that helps facing the only few pieces of ICE (i.e. Pop-Up Window, Archer) that don't give you enough money to break them just by rezzing them.

Moreover, this choice should help the "trash issues" that Nasir has to face. More than one time I had to run twice on the same server after getting credits from Kati Jones, just in order to trash something in a server. Hopefully, this system will partly avoid this problem since you'll spend recurring credits on the cards.

I'm open to any kind of suggestion this deck would inspire you.

Good runs to everybody!

5 Sep 2014 Junior

I've made some changes: -1 Astrolabe, -2 Omni-Drive. +2 The Toolbox, +1 Self-modifying Code. These cards look more functional!

5 Sep 2014 CJFM


5 Sep 2014 SlayerCNV

New change: -1 Lockpick, -1 Armitage Codebusting, +2 Net Celebrity!

Thanks @CJFM! So I suppose that tomorrow new edits will be made!

6 Sep 2014 CJFM

I find it funny that the Fractal generator doesn't work with the Refractor.


7 Sep 2014 Dydra

Your only late game is just R&D dig? pretty weak :)

9 Sep 2014 CJFM

Here's what I imagine happening with Nasir and his stealth suite, and some musings on the archetype in general.

You don't need BlacKat, which takes up too much influence with the Fractal Generator. I'd be inclined to stick with Corroder (likely 2 of them) for him (and BlacKat perhaps for Anarchs). That would leave 5 influence not spent for things like Datasuckers/Parasites, or even another Silencer. But I think the 2 Dagger/2Refractor is probably correct.

Net Celeb is ok, but it's not great when you draw more than 1. I've cut them from my Nasir decks not because they don't work well with him, but because there are better cards that you want to fit in.