Tag, Bag & Fast Advance v2.0

Pinkwarrior 2278

a new approach for the deck the idea been that you get a Midseason's off on the runner then either kill them with scorched or Score out Vitruvius with a counter to rinse repeat. and along the way accumulate any brain damage you can to help the Scorched win.

6 Sep 2014 WardOfTheWoods

I would be wary of using Successful Demonstration. It can be good, sure, but you'll definitely have games where you never get to play a copy and it's super frustrating. I'd go the safer route and run Restructure over Demonstration, especially if you're running Corporate War and Gila Hands. Otherwise it looks pretty solid.

Have you thought of running Mother Goddess as a 1-of? It would really help all the NEXT ICE out for sure.

6 Sep 2014 Pinkwarrior

@WardOfTheWoods fair point about successful i've never really used it before so its more of a see how it runs affair, then if it doesn't perform well ill change over to something else.

As for mother goddess yeah i usually run 1 with my other HB deck not sure why their isn't one in here guess i just forgot it.