Alsciende 1352

I replaced Cyber-Cypher + Tinkering with ZU13 + Indexing. That lets me apply pressure on every server even with no Tinkering in grip. Also ZU13 passes Datapike/Enigma for 3, 1 credit more than Cyber-Cypher. Not that big a deal.

Also, no ProContact because too expensing. Replaced by 3x Diesel.

Install your complete rig for 3 credits and go to town. Play the lone Magnum Opus when you're set up only.

For instant cash, Sure Gamble & Dirty Laundry. For fast cash, Daily Cast. For slow cash, Magnum Opus.

Against big ice, use and reuse Crescentus. When R&D costs too much, play the lone Escher.

13 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

I am absolutely in love with this archetype right now. It might make me put off playing my Reina decks for a while. I don't like this deck without procon, but that might just be a flavor preference. I run mine with 2 Scheherazade instead of crescentus, because of all the installing and discounts, everything is cheap, and you can even squeeze out a goofy free credit by installing a smc or Scheherazade using clone chip.

I run prepaid voicepads in mine, using DL and suregamble as the primary non ProCon econ (its amazing to go from 2 credits to 9 using sure gamble, or 0 to 5 with a successful run in there with dirty laundry). It pays for my 3 maker's eyes, pays for my eschers, and mostly covers my levy's. Datapad is GOOD. It also makes for efficient dirty laundry runs with bad publicity:

Dirty laundry for free (with datapad credits) onto archives with 2 bad pub, trigger SMC mid run to install cyber-cipher on Scheherazade, costing you 1 credit to install it, and then you get 5 back net profit. Ridiculously exploits bad pub :P

The sac constructs make the liability of hera less bad, which with faeries, you're unlikely to lose your rig anyway, and if you do, its cheap and quick to reconfigure. Try out Scheherezade, its a nice little interaction in this deck :P.

13 Dec 2013 HepatitvsJ

I like the build, I would caution against Scheherezad though. With Power Shutdown an opponent can just shutdown for 0. In most builds the only other card you'll have is SMC to protect from a 0 PS but this build has sacrificial construct as well so you may be OK. It also depends on your local meta, mu e is gonna see a lot of PS to take care of Scherezad and datasuckers. :)

13 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

These decks see the best against power shut down they run construct. They do the shutdown at 0 you pick self mod code, or faerie, all of which you should have installed anyway, and more than half the time you're defending with sac construct. Shutdown., most of the time, is a wasted credit and click.

13 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

Hera also takes up 0 mu, so basically you're saying suckers take up mu. That's why I wouldn't put them in this type of build.

17 Dec 2013 Alsciende

I find Crescentus to be totally vital in this build. Yesterday I derezzed 2 Tollbooth and 1 Grim in 3 matches. None was rerezzed. You're just hurting the Corp so much when you go that fast and then derez the single thing they managed to do to stop you.

When comparing derezzing a Tollbooth and installing a Scheherazade, I just have no doubt as to which is better. Of course not every ice is Tollbooth, but I'd just as well derez an Archer, a Grim or an Heimdall.

In my build VoicePAD would give me a discount on 7 cards. Hardly justified.

Also I find Indexing to be so much better than Maker's Eye. If things go well, Indexing wins games single-handledly. If not, install 1 R&D Interface and be (slightly) more patient.

The only thing I'd like to change in the deck right now is the inclusion of 1 Mimic. Against Caduceus and Neural Katana, Faerie struggles.

18 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

Yea, I think I'm getting to the point where I'm managing my economy enough to not need the boost from hera, and this crescentus is the next best bet. For me voicepad is solid, but its definitely dependent on your event setup. I prefer maker's because it doesn't encourage them to build up defenses on R&D, since my only attack on HQ is escher, I might need to spread the defenses and put IN R&D interface for that reason, but that would disrupt the money situation a lot.

My only actual complaint about what you've said is that indexing is decent, but all it takes is 1 and the corp will be able to counter it jhow. Either way is probably pretty close to being the same I think, but indexing protects you from snares. I'll put it in and try it. Thanks for the deck comparison :P