A Nice Suit to Die In

Putty 157

Messing around with a damage deck with minimal ice. I want to give the appearance early on that I care about where people run. Deck needs a ton of tuning.

9 Sep 2014 Putty

I should add that Harmony Medtech is there as an additional push to run faster and more often.

10 Sep 2014 fateswanderer

Wow Toshiyuki Sakai! Haven't been able to figure out that card - how are you using it?

20 Oct 2014 Putty

This deck is mostly meant to be a big ole mind game. It is wide open and filled with traps. 95% of this deck is probably related to the skill of the player. I only wish I was good enough to make it work that often! Basically, you have a choice when someone access Toshiyuki. Do I put down project junebug or do I put down an agenda? Will they access? Won't they? It's a strange deck to play.