SlySquids Junk Yard Dog v1.0

SlySquid 4660

A janky theme deck!

12 Sep 2014 Dydra

Well the big problem with any "junk" or "dumpster" deck is Chronos Project that comes out :) You have to instant recur I guess ... but apart from that ...

12 Sep 2014 666Raziel

I don't like Cache in this deck.

If you need money, why not Dyson Mem Chip + Underworld Contact ?

I also think you need LARLA (in case something goes wrong) and e3 to help your cerberus.

12 Sep 2014 SlySquid

@Dydra I'm subscribing to that opinion that it won't be a big thing and if it is played it won't be to counter decks like mine, Chronos Project will be in Jinteki: Personal Evolution decks trying to snipe breakers out of the game...

@666Raziel I agree that would be good but the idea of the deck is to play cards out of the archives and with Aesop's Pawnshop Cache gives me 5 credits and an also be pulled back in a pinch, the only real change I'm thinking of is weather or not to swap Exile: Streethawk for Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker, which isn't as thematic but more competitive...

17 Oct 2014 funwithtang

This deck how does it work?

17 Oct 2014 funwithtang

This deck how does it work?

19 Mar 2015 BigAl0213

I'm a fan of Exile. Have you played this much?

19 Mar 2015 SlySquid

No, not at all @BigAl0213... Sry

I just had the idea and wrote it down, have u tried it or an idea like it...?

19 Mar 2015 BigAl0213

I don't have all the cards yet, but I like it. I'm going to make one a similar as I can and try it out. I rarely get to play since there are no groups in my area that I know of.