Cortez Is Coming

/tg/PlaysNetrunner 521

Netrunnerdb rules, FFG drools.

"You didn't hear it from me, but they're shutting NetrunnerDB down so that no one can get their hands on this decklist." ~FFG Insider

"If this was the last deck built on this site, I could die happy" - Alsciende

"It just...wins. It's unbelievable." - Mediohxcore

"Better than Account Siphon and Caprice Nisei combined!" - AlexFrog

"One time, at a party, I went through a whole pack of condoms with this asian chick who thought I was Liam Neeson." - Nordrunner

12 Sep 2014 Magic_Marmalade

That Darwin LLDS combo is going to win games. It's almost to strong.

13 Sep 2014 Alsciende

lol :-D

You're much more funny when you stay away from scato/porno/bizarro stuff ;-)