HB Next 2.25

norat13 13

I took this to the local league tournment this weekend. It went 4-0.

Initial ice placement is dependant on the runner. I always place 1 ice on R&D and HQ using NEXT's ability. The 3rd ice can either go on archives for Noise/datasucker protection or be used to start up a remote.

Early game, I'll often play Melange or Adonis in my scoring remote. I'll use Malange for a couple turns and then install an agenda when I'm ready. I only install over Adonis for a game winning agenda; otherwise take the money and hold the agendas. If your centrals & scoring remote are well-protected by mid-game go ahead and set up a small remote for Melange & Adonis.

Once you have the Eden Fragment scored, use it every turn if possible. The only exceptions are if you're advancing agendas or hitting Melange that turn. I always fire the ABT early to mid-game.