Iain knows what you hid in the dark

emlun 477

Iain likes being behind on agenda points, right? Well then, let's pitch that agenda we scored early and snatch the rest with Blackmail! Just make sure the corp never rezzes any remote ice.

11 Oct 2014 Pinkwarrior

I always preferred activist support for blackmail decks but i see why frame job is the card of choice here sadly less your quite lucky don't you have to wait for the corp to score anyway to go get it?

I found inside job a bit weak my self for blackmail decks as you can only really use it on centrals but i guess its ok as a one off all in all i like the deck don't think its my style my self but good build.

11 Oct 2014 emlun

Thanks! Sure I'll have to wait for them to score most of the time (unless I find the Frame Job with Mr. Li), but Iain doesn't mind. In fact, if I can I try to postpone playing the Frame Job until I need the BP or it would result in me falling behind on AP, whichever comes first. :)