Silhoette Suppling Power

Pinkwarrior 2294

No real tricks just lots of access and cheaper resources/hardware thanks to the supplier.

I have enjoyed using this deck and playing as sil so far the only problem i've found is somethings getting all the breakers crypsis helps but i think i may need another special order for the deck.

i've always liked expose but i find i can't justify the deck slot for it sil fix's this though. I think account could work here but i am so uster not taking tags off with it it can ruin you.

I really like daily casts with the supplier netting 7c and not even setting you back a turn, and kati their are times i have her and have only one click spare so can't use her that turn it seems such a waste to just drop her like that but with supplier i can at least save 2c doing so.