Ancestral Synergy

Dydra 2773

This is my first Quetzal deck that I came up with.

Playtested it and in 5 games it went 4-1 against different corps ( 2x NBN Tag me decks, 1 Foundary rest can't remember )

The idea of it is to run maximum agression since turn 1. Pressure on all central servers ( as needed with all competative decks ). Keyhole for Achives and R&D, Account Siphon for HQ.

There is tons of synergy in this deck:

1) Deep Red with Overmind

2) Overmind with E3

3) Quetzal's ability with E3

4) Knight with E3

5) Datasucker and Parasite

6) Scrubbed and Bishop, to keep the strengt of ICE lower, hence to lower the money needed to pump Overmind with

7) Bishop is instant cast since Deep Red

8) Play Hades shard from hand to eliminate Jessus Jackson

9) D4v1D with E3, to pass Archer for 3c ( and a counter) ;)

You will be destroying a lot of Ice because of Parasite and Knights and your opponent will be reluctant to play barriers and will often trash them.

The deck is not in it's final shape, but it's pretty much there.

Just a few words on the econ, why Katie? Tried playing without Katie, it's playable ... but not competative ... you will often find yourself 3 or 5 credits short of being able to win the game decicevely and the NBN assets can be a pain to trash without Katie ( or Imp or Scrubber).

enjoy ;)

12 Oct 2014 jawohl

I'd go for in-faction Inject instead of Express Delivery.

Other than that I am pretty excited to see this in play and also have been theory-crafting rig consisting of Knights&Overminds exclusively as well!

13 Oct 2014 Dydra

Yeah, Inject will be the way to go .... Still the data pack is not out though :D

13 Oct 2014 esutter479

Now, this is just my 2 cents...and purely opinion...but Kati can usually pass for a 2 of in most Anarch decks. With Gambles, Armitages, and Siphons picking up most of the direct econ, 2 Katis should be enough for ya here. I'd definitely take out a Kati and slip in a 2nd D4v1d (man that card is so good) OR if you're good with just 1 of those, a 3rd Sucker wouldn't hurt either. :)

13 Oct 2014 Dydra

Suckers are sadly one of my most tentative slots. The reason being is that Keyhole + Overmind is 3 MU and that leaves 1 MU for parasite/data sucker. If you have Keyhole down (and 80% of the time you will want that to happen, because it's your only R&D and Archives pressure). Also another reason for me having 2, is just I have only 2 from the core set ;)

About the Kati, yes, you could thin out 1, but keep in mind that you are running 2 AS, not 3. Also in a few of my games, my opponents will focus hate her and trash her, just so I put another after clearing up the tag next turn ;)

I am wondering what to do with the 3 freed up influence from Express Delivery, once Inject comes out :) a 3rd E3 would be the most obvious choice, but a Clone Chip won't hurt either =)

Many, many interesting ways for this deck to go, especially after the next pack.