Canadian Graveyard (SHL Jinteki Edition 1st)

d1en 3371

Updated version of Chris Hinkes' List from Worlds. PKEW PKEW PKEW

17 Jan 2016 moistloaf

grats! what a spicy decklist

17 Jan 2016 pulsemeat

Love the concept, but how exactly do you play this deck? Since almost all the agendas require 5 and you have almost no ice, it seems that the game is really just either Mushin no Shin or advance twice an agenda/trap and dare the runner to try it. The only reason I can see for opening up a bunch of remote servers at once is for Hiro or Jackson.

17 Jan 2016 phette23

Love seeing decks that push how few ICE you can include, this is a new low. Though Apocalypse is card these days…

18 Jan 2016 cranked

Any idea what you'd do to make it MWL-compliant? I know Hinkes was testing -1 GFI +1 Hades, but it feels so much worse than 3x GFI.

18 Jan 2016 gumonshoe

-1 Architect, + 1 Cerebral ?

18 Jan 2016 thebigunit3000

For those not aware, the threat of the deck isn't scoring out, it's kill. With a triple-advanced Ronin and a Chairman Hiro on board, you can rez Hiro at end of turn to have a runner have hand size 3. Then you Neural, advance Ronin, trash Ronin for the flatline.

18 Jan 2016 d1en

@thebigunit3000 got it right, the deck is all about killing you. There are multiple vectors of kill. If you guess the incorrect Mushin server, I can kill you. If you guess the wrong unadvanced remote, it can be Psychic Field or Snare! and I can kill you. If you want to fight the lower cost and math out your cards incorrectly, I can Shock! you down and kill you. Shi Kyu's lower the Point spread, and enables Philotic kills. I cut the Sealed Vault because I knew the Top 4 wouldn't play any kind of Siphon/Vamp, so I instead decided to add a Space Camp so I could kill them while their kids were away having fun.

18 Jan 2016 SlySquid

Maxx and Jinteki!? my love for you has grown... congrats on the win brother

19 Jan 2016 evilgaz

Is there any point in having two ICE? Like with that few, it seems you may as well not bother and have another Cerebral Overwriter or something else juicy. Do you ever use the ICE?

19 Jan 2016 LazerDoofus

@d1en -1 Architect, -2 TFP, -1 Philotic, + 2 Vanity Project, + 2 whatever you want...

Now you can score out, at least this is what I've been doing with IG since Vanity was released, it's been wonderful only having 6 agendas in a 49 card deck. and you only score 2 while the runner will have to steal 3+ now that GFI is around too

25 Jan 2016 formerteen

@cranked seems to me like you'd drop the Space Camp and toss in the original Cyberdex Virus Suite or another Diversified Portfolio or something.

28 Jan 2016 nintendom

Apocalypse seems like a real threat to this deck, adding one or two hostile infrastructure would prevent that.

30 Jan 2016 Netrunnerunner

I'm glad you posted this, because I was running a similar deck and found that I was utterly destroyed by Keyhole. I also had a lot of problems getting enough stuff into archives for the trash costs to really be punishing, making it really easy for the runner to trash my Turtlebacks and really hard for me to get enough money for Snare! and Cerebral Overwriter to always be online. Even putting in one credit for Shi.Kyu (which is often enough for the runner to take the -1 agenda point, because who wants to repeatedly take an additional net damage on top of Shocks?) was often economically painful, and in several games it took a while to even find a single Shock. Siphon was also a huge problem (I was running two Sealed Vault, which made it easier to deal with), but it sounds like your reasoning for cutting it was "I won't run into it." I'd love to hear your thoughts on how to play around those threats, though!

31 Jan 2016 An0n3

I'm confused, why no Project Junebug? If you Mushin No Shin into it, and the runner bites, it's a kill for a single credit vs. Cerebral Overwriter taking three credits to fire and only crippling them.