benticurus 1676

The deck makes crazy amounts of money crazy fast.

The strategy is pretty straight forward: (1) make money, (2) feed and agenda to the runner (ideally making them run through one or two ice and pay for NAPD), (3) midseasons, (4)psychographics & win.

This is a rethinking of a previous NBN:TWiY deck that I had before Information Overload had come out. That deck got me 2nd and 3rd place in the three tournaments that I used it. But, one of the few problems with that deck was that ice was too porous during mid to end game; however Info Overload fixes this, since once you use Midseason Replacements , you end up with an Info Overload that can cost around 15 credits to break, and most of the time ends up wiping most of the runner's cards from the table.

Important thing is to Midseason for large amounts; I usually do it for 15 to 20 credits.

The awesome things is that even when the runner knows how this deck works, he or she can't steal unprotected agendas if he or she still has a small economy (since Midseason Replacements looms as an immanent problem). So scoring an early unprotected AstroScript Pilot Program suddenly becomes possible if the runner is familiar with this deck.

Only play-tested one day against 3 different runners, and got 6 wins and 1 loss.

13 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

I would be super tempted to run at least 1-2 ash and red herrings to really tax the runner on the turn that they steal, increasing the gap between you and the runner

13 Oct 2014 benticurus

@x3r0h0ur, I've dabbled with this, but it is essential to have the greatest accessible economy more than the possibility of taxing the runner. with greater accessible economy there is greater guarantee that you can tax the runner AND defend your servers; but exclusively taxing cards don't help in protecting, which is something you should always do when possible (especially the central servers). In any case, bigger economy allows for more more flexible play than just having a Red Herring in hand.

Plus you need to grow your early economy quicker than the runner; so that you can either score an early agenda and force them to start running on low economy (good for Midseasons) or just Midseasons AND have the credits to FA Project Beale and other agendas.