Replicating Kills 2.5 - Flatline like a true Jinteki CEO!

Dydra 2773

This is the deck I'm currently running. It's incredibly strong if you know how to pilot it. It's an advanced version of my Perfect Marketing deck.

With the last pack it got some significant upgrades.

Run X servers. Kitsune into Snare! From hand. Finish off with Scorch. Throw a Cerebral Cast when you want to break an important resource and let them struggle between taking a brain damage against your snares and shocks, or take a tag and risk Scorches. Use Reclamation Order to pick up your scorches, or sundews if they get trashed.


The only game I really "lost" ( it's inverted commas because I won the game) was against an unexpected Escher that transformed my only remote into 8c run. I won because I won a Nisei psy-game, but generally that move was "almost" checkmate for me ( all Medical were gone and only 3/5 left and 1 Philotic). Only possible solution except a gamble on Nisei ( still 66% chance) was to try to sneak face down 0 advance Philotic and hope for him to not check it .

Flatline runners like a true Jinteki CEO!

P.s. Reversed Account is something new that I'm trying out. If it doesn't work, you can spend the influence in 3x Encryption Protocol ( that has been a part for the last 2-3 versions of the deck) or a semi-upgraded version with Enhanced Login Protocol + 1x Sealed Vault (for AS and no1 will trash it for 8c :D ). Play Jessus Jackson if you like, although I haven't been using him for the past 6 months and I'm completely fine with that. He just isn't so beneficial/ crucial for this deck. You rarely want to draw fast something. This is a slow, grinding, control deck.

23 Feb 2015 aero

This is nuts. One question, have you found Kitsune/Snare! and Cerebral Cast to be enough as far as tagging the runner goes?

23 Mar 2015 GoldenArmKid

I've got everything I need to put this together except the 2 x Himitsu-Bako. Is there anything you could swap for this?

23 Mar 2015 Dydra

@ratamacube yes, although this deck is half-year old almost .... back then there were not many AI breakers, so breaking Kitsune was hard.

@GoldenArmKid well, usually the 2x Himitsu-Bako are there simply to force Corroder out. If you somehow manage trash their only barrier breaker, can be game changing :)

If you want, take out 2 influence from Enhanced Login Protocol or 2x Reversed Accounts and play 2x Wraparound