Striving for Perfection v3 1st Place (FY14 Revised Guidance)

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Jinteki Announces Improved Growth Forecast and Revised Guidance

  • Jinteki revised its earnings guidance upward for the fiscal year following its success at U.S. Nationals and a recent Game Night Kit tournament win at Centerville's Epic Loot Games & Comics (11 competitors, Cincinnat/Dayton meta).

  • Implementing Current technology has enabled Jinteki to accelerate the company's growth, as well as better protect its assets and agendas.

  • The company has increased efforts to mitigate damages and threats from the recent rash of dangerous anarchists terrorizing servers.

NEW ANGELES, ECUADOR--(NBN WIRE)-- Jinteki Corporation (JNTK) today announced an improved growth forecast and revised guidance for its fiscal year. Coming off a prosperous trip to U.S. Nationals, the company managed to beat expectations and increase its profits quarter-over-quarter thanks to a first place tournament win at Centerville's Epic Loot Games & Comics (Cincinnati/Dayton meta). 11 competitors participated in the event, and Jinteki faced a variety of opponents, including a StimShop Chaos Theory, a Supplier Kate, a Parasite Andromeda, and a Duggars Whizzard (three wins, one timed win).

Chairman Hiro commented, "While our approach hasn't shifted much in recent months, we have made slight but profitable adjustments to Jinteki's security measures, cutting our operating losses while responding to runners' adapting attack strategies. For example, we have fine-tuned our Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics suite, taking advantage of a bump in influence availability by upgrading a Viper to a Caduceus. Though it's just a one-off ICE, the serpentine switch allows us to quickly recoup our costs if activated early. It also enables the company to vary its ICE strength, which is crucial in combating AI-dependent hackers."

"While Jinteki has received criticism for not following current trends and adopting Enhanced Login Protocols, we believe this is the best plan for the company when taking into consideration our strengths and weaknesses, along with the current landscape with our local competitors. We have renewed our licensing agreement with Haas-Bioroid to continue using Ash 2X3ZB9CY units for overseeing Jinteki's security operations -- this contract complements our Untrashable philosophy and Encryption Protocol assets, unlike an approach relying on Enhanced Login Protocols."

"Foregoing those protocols also allows us to shore up our defenses in other ways. We have heard our investors' concerns over anarchic runners wreaking havoc with corporation servers as of late, and seek to rid them of those worries. Our Cerebral Static technology completely neutralizes any threats those digital terrorists pose, and hampers a number of other hackers too. Furthermore, Jinteki has shored up its defenses by doubling the number of indestructible Lotus Field ICE we employ. And re-introducing Snares, paired with certain hazardous AI projects, also discourages runners from rampantly accessing our private documents."

Jinteki is increasing its expected production growth target and profit forecast for the fiscal year. It intends to make several announcements regarding infrastructure security, advancements in Industrial Genomics, and improvements with its Turtleback line of clones in the coming months.


About Jinteki Corporation

Jinteki Corporation (JNTK) is an innovative biomedical and cloning technologies company, developing products and offering support for thousands of businesses and government agencies. The company offers a number of clone lines built to fulfill the specific needs of the service, manufacturing, and construction industries. Headquartered in New Angeles, Jinteki has branches and laboratories in NeoTokyo, Heinlein, Mars, and many other locations.

Safe Harbor Provision

This press release contains statements that are or may be forward-looking statements, including comments that relate to the company’s future developments and strategies. These statements are based on current expectations and are subject to known and unknown risks that could cause actual results differing materially from current expectations. These forward-looking statements are based on assumptions regarding the present and future business strategies of the company and the environment in which it expects to operate in the future.

Press Contact:
Eric Caoili
Tiny Cartridge
eric // tinycartridge // com

Investor Relations Contact:
Toshiyuki Sakai
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Source: Jinteki Corporation

14 Oct 2014 pizzarony

Live the write up! Looks like a fun deck.

14 Oct 2014 SlySquid

Flawless! A great write up only shadowed by an amazing deck, well done...

14 Oct 2014 ekayohlee

From: Toshiyuki Sakai []
To: pizzarony
Subject: RE: Looks Like A Fun Deck

Thank you for your comments, pizzarony. You can read about how the deck performed at the tournament, as well as how valuable Cerebral Statics were in locking runners out, in this report. The "Test Run Andy" deck that Jinteki was paired with for purposes of the event is available to peruse here.

Toshiyuki Sakai
Jinteki Corporation
Senior Director

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14 Oct 2014 ekayohlee

From: Tori Hanzō []
To: SlySquid
Subject: RE: FW: Flawless!

SlySquid, while we appreciate your kind words, I was disturbed by the data we detected on your PAD. Correspondences with a former intern of ours, notorious hacker Ji "Noise" Reilly? Confidential Jinteki documents on our Replicating Perfection program? These things did not escape out attention. Not to mention the embarrassing "Tentacles" files you've uploaded. Please do not take this warning lightly: we are keeping a close eye on you.

Tori Hanzō // RW // Jinteki Sysop

“All code is just input designed to process output. Used properly, lag is static, and static is another form of code.”

14 Oct 2014 SlySquid

Noted, sorry if I offended...

14 Oct 2014 Zepaw

With such a fantastic description I had to make this my first RP play. Took it to Netrunner night at LFGS last night and it did very well. I won 2 of three matches and the last was lost by a lucky run to R&D the turn before I scored him out. I've always hated playing against RP, now I get to be that bastard!

14 Oct 2014 Zepaw

Also my first two were wildly different matches. Game one I got three ICE the entire game that lasted ~25 turns. The next match I had so much ICE Gabriel had to dig through 2-3 on every server (Sneakdoor ain't so helpful when archives are more defended that HQ). Great to see a deck that can deal well with either situation.

18 Oct 2014 AsteriskCGY

Will we make room for Ashigaru and Mamba?