Eating Bento Together

StitchInTime 13

My premise is similar to Pruneface's 'Sauerkraut Bento' (linked in "Derived From") deck, and scores agenda's through click-compression. In RP, this works by placing a Ruhr and a Caprice down into a remote (perhaps protected by 1 or 2 pieces of taxing ice to make trashing them prohibitively expensive). A run into that server will cost 3 clicks, thus giving the runner only one chance to beat Caprice. If a Nisei MKII has been scored, its token can be used immediately after losing the psi game with Caprice to just say "no".

RP does particularly excel at this strategy, though I believe it is feasible to pull off the same play in HB. Having ELP in play turns our box into RP, combined with a Ruhr costs the same 3 clicks to run. We can turn them down with either Caprice or Ash and end the run. If we are unable to have an ELP in play, we can just build a larger 'bento box' by using Ash, Caprice, and Ruhr all together. The runner would use the first 2 clicks to break Ash, and would then have to get through Caprice in just one run. ELP is thus very important for us, though not completely necessary, as it can't always be counted on.

One advantage that HB packs over Jinteki, however, is having some of the beefiest ice available to corps. Bioroids are generally more efficient than the ice of other corps, balanced by being able to be clicked through. Clicking through ice to access remotes is, fortunately for us, quite impossible when we're set up. Add in the extra tax presented by HB: Stronger Together and our ice is just plain superior. Biotic Efficiency Research helps rez some of the bigger pieces of ice, which should serve to either create a very early scoring window or give us extra wiggle room in the early game by throwing a turn one Wotan down on HQ.