Leela - Aggressive Denial

Fjord 1778

30 Nov 2014 moistloaf

I've been playing almost exclusively Leela since she released. That said, I've probably only played about 30 games. My build looks significantly different from this, but I have a few questions. Do you find you have enough economy against glacier, specifically Blue Sun? The economy in here looks extremely light. AS doesn't often net you too much versus Blue Sun, as HQ (and all servers) tend to get fairly expensive, even after a bounced ICE. How do you feel about replacing Yog and Peacock with Passport and Rex? Passport is an all-star I feel, and very strong against nearly every deck in the meta right now. Without Datasuckers, Yog doesn't seem like a viable option any more, with Lotus Field everywhere and only 1 influence. Leela definitely likes Parasites, even though I don't run them. With only 1 Inside Job and no real breaker redundancy, do you find yourself able to reliably pressure the Corp with this build?

30 Nov 2014 moistloaf
30 Nov 2014 Fjord

This was a hypothetical list before her or Blue Sun were out. That said, it's fairly close to an anti-NEH Gabe deck I was testing before nationals so it should work. The Yog.0 + Peacock was selected to beat the specific Worlds meta at the time. Let's look at a few in the top 16:

Blue Sun - 3 Enigma, 1 Wendigo

RP - 2 Enigma, 1 Yagura

NEH - 3 Pop-up, 1 Enigma, 1 Quandary, 1 Tollbooth, 1 Lotus Field

NEH - 3 Pop-up, 1 Enigma, 1 Quandary, 2 Lotus Field

RP - 2 Enigma, 1 Yagura, 1 Tollbooth, 1 Lotus Field

NEH - 3 Pop-up, 1 Enigma, 1 Lotus Field

NEH - 3 Pop-up, 2 Enigma, 1 Quandary, 1 Tollbooth

NEH - 3 Pop-up, 2 Enigma, 1 Quandary

You get the idea. Yog.0 breaks 34/43 ice there and Peacock is as good as Gordian Blade, arguably better, for breaking Lotus Field and Tollbooth. Passport is very good but I noticed several instances in the top 16 reports where something like Quandary on the remote decided the game.

Here's the Leela deck I'm actually using! netrunnerdb.com