Director Haas' Digital Fortress

quizoid 108

First Place Deck

2 Wins

2 Losses

Denver Central Games

Season Two

December 14th, 2013

Created and run by Chris Bergstrom.

Generates huge money. Consistently floats (and protects) four clicks.

15 Dec 2013 x3r0h0ur

Can you explain how you can float haas being face up? What can you do to keep the runner out so long? Do you let 1 get stolen only to throw another up after they've spent like 7-8 to trash her? Is sundew really good in HB? Do you prefer it to server diagnostics because you can install ice, but get the same benefit basically?

15 Dec 2013 CrimsonWraith

It's a shame Chris and I didn't get to play. No clue how his Gabe would've done against my Dead You variant, but my Whizzard sure would have been fun against this deck. =D

15 Dec 2013 CrimsonWraith

The inclusion of ABT and not Vitruvius in a deck with just 16 ice is odd to me, I'm guessing he's relying on Jackson Howard to recover cards from Archives (or not using ABT's ability; which makes the decision to include ABT over Vitruvius even more curious).

16 Dec 2013 jinsaku

Because the deck is terrible and I built it in 10 minutes :P

16 Dec 2013 CrimsonWraith

Hahaha, been there, done that... just look at my Tennessee Regional decks! lol