The Heinlein Manoeuvre

Ebonheart01 78

Firstly let me say this is not a tournament deck this is a league night deck as it requires several extra turns to win. I made it to obtain the achievement of winning with 30 credits in the bank which it did effortlessly. This is a as you can see a glacier deck capable of scoring out 3 point agendas in relative safety and has a very good win rate with added bonus of fun to play.

The initial setup will naturally depend on your opening hand but the classic opening start is Victor 1.0 (or Viper) and a Heinlein Grid on R&D or HQ. Once the runner initiates the run rez HG in the appropriate window and watch the runner decide whether to take a brain damage or lose all their money. Once the runner begins playing breakers then Ichi is another ICE that works well with HG.

Surviving the first few turns which is the weakest stage of this deck is crucial and most likely where you will lose the game due to those big fat 3 point agendas up for grabs. After that you should be ok. I have been 5 agenda points’ down but once I hit mid game was able to lock the runner out and easily win.

The early to mid-game involves cards like Encryption Login Protocol and The Root. Always protect The Root it is gold in this deck. I use it to rez Adonis and Eves to offset the initial loss, to place ICE 2-3 deep and still make a credit off my ID, not to mention advancing agendas and rezzing. Once The Root is safely up my cash usually leaps forward 10-20 credits very quickly. Archived Memories is nearly always used to bring it back or if they ignore it then ELP or ASH is next best choice (same for Jackson).

It is then a process of setting up your scoring server which I usually begin over an Adonis. As the Adonis ticks down I begin placing Tollbooth, Ash, Heimdal etc.

Changes: • I would consider changing Neural Katana I usually place it on Archives in case of Security Testing but it could easily be any other 2 INF ICE for a surprise. • I would love another ASH and the one card I have considered trying to squeeze in as it can be a game breaker.

If anyone plays this let me know I would love feedback and thoughts on any way to improve further?