Breaking Bad Barriers

dpolishsensation 34

I have had moderate success with this deck. It is a bit slow at the moment but I believe it has potential. Looking for suggestions and/or feedback.

Starting hand: Ideally you want Wyldside to get to the cards you need. Aesop's is nice early too for economy and to trash cards no longer useful (Armitage, Daily Casts, Wyldside, Deep Red, etc).

Synergy: A lot of this deck revolves around getting E3 Feedback Implants out as early as possible.

Quetzal + E3 Feedback Implants = break any barrier in the game no matter the strength.

Knight + E3 Feedback Implants = cost effective anything breaker (minus AI).

Overmind + E3 Feedback Implants = another cost effective ice breaker that cost one counter per ice instead of one counter per subroutine. Throw in Deep Red and now you have 5 counters to break ice with.

Still being tested: Femme Fatale to break through ice that would hurt my AI suite of breakers. Also used to bypass an expensive ice at Tollbooth.

The one of cards (stimhack, retrieval run, vamp, and demo run) are creating some inconsistencies in the deck. Need to perform more testing to determine which way to go.

Considering switching to at least one more stimhack for a nasty suprise attack when you are low on credits.