Stimhack Simpathy

benticurus 1676

I played this deck for around 6 months. I think it had at least an 80% win rate.

It is now less strong with Will-o-the-Whisp + Shutdown in the meta; though I believe one could fix this weakness with some tweaking (maybe adding a paintbrush or something).

Depending on the meta, I would increase/decrease number of Plascretes and R&D Interface.

It is crazy fast in getting credits and breakers. Basically try to get the Pro Co early (first two or three turns), and the game is pretty much done.

Same old thing was exclusively reserved for Stimhacks and LevyAR; and for Quality Time when running with 2 or 3 Interfaces against heavy net damage Jinteki's RnD or whatnot.

17 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

3 clone chips, all problems are solved. You can even abuse stimhack to pay for them. I'd honestly go with 1 corroder and 1 garrote, and 1 gordian (zu is cool too). I also had a deck that was money-breakers-go Its simiple, and effective! I love it.

17 Oct 2014 benticurus

@x3r0h0ur I think thats a good idea. I'll have to test. My only worry is that Clone Chip can easily get Shutdown-ed easily, while a surprise Paintbrush might easily secure me an access on any server.

On the other hand, I didn't play the breakers you suggest because the deck tended to suddenly freeze with Garrote and Gordian.After months of testing, it tended to feel that the deck was better calibrated with the breakers I listed.

It was an insane amount of times that I would begin a a game playing ProCo-draw-draw-Zu. Which wouldn't be possible with more expensive cards. It was all about making sure I could always play cards after drawing with ProCo, no matter the stage of the game.

17 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

I see your point, I love being online and threatening. For clone chip...if all you're getting is your breakers with them, or maybe the occasional SMC recur to get the breaks up totally, then Eshutdowning the CC is no worse than shutting down the breaker, the difference is hitting a WoW only gets breakers, and CC lets you pull it back on demand.

17 Oct 2014 x3r0h0ur

also with clone chips and garrote you can overdraw, dump it, and stimhack it out, or even dump SMC, clone chip for SMC, and burn all your stimhack bucks clonechipping smc in and using it to get garrote, either way, 1 BD for a garrote and a run ain't bad.

23 Feb 2015 benticurus

@x3r0h0ur As of today, I keep playing around with this deck from time to time, and it keeps winning an insane amount of games (note that NEH is not prevalent in my meta, since people in my play-group are too proud to play the more popular decks; so I don't know how it would hold up against NEH generally).

I've only made one change: -1 Public Sympathy; +1 Clone Chip. (even though Will-o-the-Whisp never became prevalent in my play group)

Clone Chip is still great for those rare occasions when the breakers or the SMCs' are slow to show up: with just one SMC and one Clone Chip things come out really fast (as you suggested). More over, I tend to use SMC and Clone Chips just as a threat, so the Corp knows that I can easily get into any server they build, and it just gives me more time to keep drawing with ProCo and getting set up at my own pace (so I end up saving the credits from not having to actually use SMC's ability and eventually just install the breakers normally).

23 Apr 2015 benticurus

Recent change that seems to have made the deck way stronger:

-1 Lucky Find

+1 Vamp

This deck has very good economy, and Vamp-ing makes many deck archetypes weep (Jinteki-kill, Jinteki-Caprice, etc). Also, Corps tend to ice up RnD more than they ice HQ when playing against Shaper; moreover, by staking the RnD Interfaces, the Corp really stacks the ice on RnD, which makes the Corp waste time and credits placing ice that they will later have no cash to rezz with.

Conclusion: Vamp is just as good at ay stage of the game where this deck has lots of credits