Dumpsters Full of Gold

Gilbod 166

Derived from Diegofsv's extremely awesome and thematic Walking Up in a Dumpster (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/9602/wake-up-in-a-dumpster)

I dropped Monolith for Leprechauns and added some R&D Interfaces. I use Test Run -> Scavenge from the Heap to pay for huge breakers and draw a card from Exile's ability.

Then I Magnum Opus for money and run with Clone Chip up so I can grab a Sharpshooter or Deus Ex as needed.

R&D Interfaces help build up for a lock if you can't plow through a remote.

Still starts slow, but when it starts rolling, there's no stopping the dumpster train as you dig for Agenda gold.

You can also Scavenge onto Leprechaun to solve memory issues, Femme target changes or other shinanigans.