Hit & Run 2.0

Pinkwarrior 2294

Draw up, dump with Freelance Coding Contract for cash return to play with Clone Chip what you need simple and effective. SMC allows you to go for what you need from your deck Medium, Keyhole, Nerve agent and Sneakdoor pile the pressure on central servers.

Leprechaun helps with both MU and freelance. Opus give you sustainable income for the rest of the game. Toolbox helps MU and link str and income since your bust econ is so high you can easily get this down turn 1 or 2.

19 Oct 2014 JAK

I found Djinn to be too slow for the professor. Is it pulling weight for you?

Is there any particular reason you're playing so many icebreakers? Is having three Gordians and two Rams helpful?

19 Oct 2014 Pinkwarrior

The Djinn is their for when i need my multi-access it also helps with MU like leprechaun i don't always need it though sometimes ill hard draw them anyway. I dont find it slows me down at all if anything it speeds me up.

Running so many Icebreakers yes their is a few reasons it means i have an easier time getting them and can use my search for my other programs rather than breakers also more programs make Freelance Coding Contract better at hitting, I have been thinking to drop 2 gordians for Torch & ZU.13 Key Master just to give me more options. sometimes you just need a barrier breaker to continue pressure so haveing 3 really helps and on rare occasions Battering Ram works out better than Corroder.

19 Oct 2014 JAK

That's fair. I understand wanting to have more programs for FCC, but have you considered swapping some of your icebreakers for other programs? I would've thought that swapping a third Gordian for a Sahasrara could improve things.

Do you often throw your Leprechauns away with FCC?

19 Oct 2014 Pinkwarrior

@JAK I've never had money issues so Sahasrara seems like a waste id rather have the speed boost option to throw away or search as i see fit rather than more cash.

I often throw 1 sometimes 2 if i've hit Djinn, i generally only want a couple for MU in total though i don't always need that. I can't warrant taking them out though its nice been able to have them as throw away knowing i won't need to clone and having 3 means am more likely to see it early same reason as 3x Opus if you get me?