Terminal Directive Starter Skorpios

013 321

Replacement for the starter decks recommended in the rulebook. 1 Core set and 1 Terminal Directive used. REPLACE CORPORATE SALES TEAMS WITH MANDATORY TD AGENDAS.

This is a standard Weyland tag and bag deck. A solid amount of money, some efficient ice and sea source/scorched. You can play with the ice suite a bit. I mixed it up and tried a single copy of a couple different sentries throughout the campaign which is fun.

The point of the deck is to setup some ice to secure your centrals. Get an illegal arms factory and as many campaigns as you can down to trickle in the money and cards. You might put a small ice to protect the arms factory if the runner has money to trash it. Build your credit advantage and construct a scoring server. When you have a scoring window or a credit lead and your kill package start slamming out agendas. Armored servers makes it extra taxing for them to get into a deep server. SanSan saves you clicks to score your agendas. Try to score a Hostile Takeover early to turn on archer as that's an extremely solid piece of ice to lockdown a server.