In Kit we Trust (standard) - shoutout to brototurret

Diogene 1907

Inversificator for the win! Lots of interactions, slight frustration for the corp.

Big shoutout to brototurret, who showed me his idea of the deck. While his deck is vastly different from mine, he showed me how good this can be (against a grinder corp deck).

Strategy of the deck : Using Inversificator and Gebrselassie, you can pass the first ice twice, the second time you'll only pay to break the subs. Then, move the ices around to force the rez of every ice on the board while having an R&D lock. Then, use Stargate and Mad Dash to score. Watch out for Spin Doctor.

Mulligan plan : you want creds in your starting hand, at least 2 cards. The first 5 rounds will be spent on setup, at least.

Takobi, after one or two runs, will self-charge and save you a lot on boosting the strenght of Inversificator. With Cyberdelia on top, you might even make some creds just from running.

Pantograph and Beth Kilrain-Chang will let you gain some click compression.

Here is a skateboard trick with this deck : run with Overclock, score an agenda, and with the creds on Fencer Fueno, install something on the board with the help of Pantograph.

Here is a cool thing about this deck : it resist grinder corp pretty well.

This shaper list feel pretty effective. Shaper Forever!

Be nice to the corp player, if ice destruction is frustating, so is having your ice be switched around.


31 Dec 2021 Larrea

Looks super cool, I'll steal it for jnet casual!

31 Dec 2021 Diogene

@Larrea please do! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Good luck and have fun!