Always Be "Fast" Running 2.0 - 4:1 in Wrocław Game Fest

dante77 1145

I play this deck on Store Turnament. I took 5th place.
Quetzal win 4 games, lose 1.
Win against: NBN:Spark, HB:EtF, Jinteki:Life Imagined, Weyland:Titan. Lose against Weyland:Gagarin.

Usually I played without breakers, but Architect it's not removable, and it's pain in my ass. I must take 2x Mimic to clearly run on servers.
Base card in this deck it's "Always Be Running". With Quetzal ability and e3 Feedback Implants, creates deadly combo to pressing Corp servers.
Thanks to Knifed, Spooned, Forked, Kraken and Immolation Script Quetzal remove ice faster then Corp install them, and rez.
Daily Casts, Data Folding and Human First get money without spending clicks.
Turntable change sytuation on the score area.
Employee Strike it's great against: NBN:HS, Jinteki:PE, Jinteki RP, Blue Sun and many more. It's also great counter to Corp current.
Got 3x Medium to deep digg.
No Plascrete Carapace in deck. When I play against Butcher, or other damage deck i colect money in few first turn (mulligan for Data Folding or Daily Casts).

Best combo of this Turnament:
Run on R&D (corp has one rezed Spiderweb, and rez second) - jack out
Run on archives, stole NAPD Contract (pay 4, but Human First give back 2 ;),
Play Kraken on R&D (Corp has 2x Spiderweb) - trash one of them
Play Immolation Script trash second Spiderweb
2 point, and trash 2 ice. Very nice ;)

Quetzal in this deck is very fast and aggresive, and has a money.

29 Nov 2015 esutter479

Cool tweaks, Dante. I'm liking the evolution of this a lot. :) If/when I get tired of my other Anarch decks, I'll be sure to give this one a serious try!

29 Nov 2015 HolyMackerel

Datasuckers? In case you need more Ice trashing, they can help your Parasites get online faster.

Also, sick deck. I would HATE to play against this as a Glacier player. How do you even build a remote against this damn thing?

29 Nov 2015 Jander

I played Gagarin, not Titan. :) I won only thanks to shuffling trashed ices and installing ices on R&D every other turn.

29 Nov 2015 dante77

@Jander O yes, You right. My mistake. Great battle. I remember for long time. Thx once again.

29 Nov 2015 ANRguybrush

I tried something similar and it didn't really do the job. Now immolation script is a nice touch.

29 Nov 2015 8shanrahan

I really love the creativity of using ABR with e3 and Quetzal.

One thing to note: Inject would really do work in this deck: you only have 7 programs, so Inject would let you draw your run events way more efficiently.

Earthrise hotel might be another option to consider for extra draw.

29 Nov 2015 WayneMcPain

How did Human First end up working for you? You mentioned a specific instance with that NAPD Contract steal, but did you find that it really made enough of a credit difference over the course of the game to use 2 card slots for it?

29 Nov 2015 ANRguybrush

@WayneMcPain I'm not OP, but human first is decent. With all these news teams floating around, it can produce even more money than you might think. Plus an explooda-palooza steals will only give the corp a 3 credit swing which helps with midseasons.

29 Nov 2015 dante77

@8shanrahan I consider many option, and Your sugestion it good but not very good. If I add Inject, must delete other cards. Draw it's not problem in this deck. I play many games and win draw only 3-4 cards after start.

@WayneMcPain I got 4 credit when i stole NAPD, but if Human First take my 2 for steal agenda.

@mcpba Many games i start like this: install Human First, Install Medium, run on R&D twice (when not ice on R&D).

29 Nov 2015 dante77

I think that starting hand is very important. Of course this is dependent on opponent ID.

29 Nov 2015 8shanrahan

`@dante77 interesting. I find it surprising you don't have to draw much, I would have thought having both e3 and ABR would be critical pieces that you'd have to dig for occasionally (or mimic, when architect is installed). Do you have wins in games where neither are installed often?

Also, have you considered demolition run? With the dedicated medium dig, I bet it will often pay off. I usually don't include it in most deck because it's overkill, but this deck might be suited for it to trash ice you see during medium runs.

29 Nov 2015 dante77

@8shanrahan Demolition run its very good idea. I must try. Thank you.

29 Nov 2015 Krasty

really nice deck @dante77! And congratz for 5th place! :o) I was thinking about something like this, but with Adam) .. this looks better! :o)

29 Nov 2015 Krasty

btw how this deck works against Blue) sun decks?

29 Nov 2015 8shanrahan

Another card to consider is Crecentus. Derezzing architect or a big piece of ice might be pretty effective, and your memory situation seems pretty open, too.

29 Nov 2015 dante77

@Krasty Great. Employe strike and E3 do they job. Run on servers and forcing Corp to rez ice from beginnig.

29 Nov 2015 moistloaf

This looks absolutely aggressive and I can't wait to try it out. I may cut one or both Employee Strike for 2 Career Fair, and possibly cut 2 Parasite for 2 Inject.

29 Nov 2015 Krasty

Jak Sinclair would be also usefull in this deck, that is pitty, it is no "infuence" place for him... :o/

29 Nov 2015 dante77

Try this deck, modify if you like and run like hell ;)

29 Nov 2015 dante77

@moistloaf Plz don't do that. Carrer Fair it's no worthed. This card gave you money only. Employe strike give you many more. It's great against: NBN:HS, Jinteki:PE, Jinteki RP, Blue Sun and many more. It's also great counter to Corp current.

29 Nov 2015 rotage

I feel like I have missed something obvious but how does Spooned work in this deck?

29 Nov 2015 moistloaf

@rotage Always Be Running

30 Nov 2015 prozz

why no imp? also suckers/parasite with deja vu support seem decent here.

good job with the deck :)

30 Nov 2015 dante77

@prozz My main economy it's Data Folding. I can't waste MU for Datasucker or Imp. I run to R&D and dig like hell, forcing corp to rez ice and waste money.
And Corp draw card like hell to find another ice, has no time to install asset.

But seriously considering swapping 2x Mimic to 2x Demolition Run to agressive milling.
On Turnament I mill NBN:Sync ;)

30 Nov 2015 prozz

i was thinking about imp as another route to disrupt ice and make immolation script work better.

u do use almost no memory and still got console, so 3 memory is right fit for mimic, sucker and parasite or imp.

i think ill test something similar soon ;)

30 Nov 2015 dante77

Look to Derived from ;)
The previous version was not so fast. When you play with ABR, and run, then brake subs, you left with only one click. I use it for draw card, or play Kraken, or install antoher Medium.

I use Turntable to swap agenda in midgame/endgame.

1 Dec 2015 Bigguyforyou518

I really love the whole idea here, but I see two big problems:

  • Hand Size. This is the big one I think - with eight ice destruction events that can only be played in specific situations, it seems like hand clogging is going to be a huge issue.

  • Draw. This one other people mentioned, and I would second the call for some Injects. In addition to the combo pieces you need, you need to find the right cutlery event for your current situation (besides Parasite), and you have no way to tutor them.

I think the ruling that you cannot play double events to satisfy "first click" requirements really takes the steam out of this framework. A Planned Assault or two could have done a lot of work here, but more than that, the inability to play Same Old Thing is just absolutely maddening.

1 Dec 2015 dante77

@Bigguyforyou518 Thank you for suggestion. I think about Inject, very good idea.
About Hand Size: I got 10 card to remove ice and 2 Parasite. Don't forgot to Quetzal ability. Sometimes no need remove ice.
And one more think: running very often and force Corp to rez ice. Sometimes has no money for rez.

1 Dec 2015 BinarySecond

This looks awesome @dante77! I love Quetzal and this deck is just...delicious to view. Can't wait to try it out!!

1 Dec 2015 Kamalisk a similar deck I used a while back, a similar skeleton but I felt the cutlery and parasite was enough destruction and otherwise just added draw and money to keep it consistent. You 100% have to keep mimic, just one architect will shut down any efficiency at all, and you can't let it fire or stuff starts coming back. Deja Vu is at least good to get back the correct cutlery events, I agree with the comments that you have so many specific destruction cards, it is hard to keep them all in hand, overall better to trim some in favour of card draw such as inject.

1 Dec 2015 dante77

@BinarySecond Thx man. Try, and tell how its work for you.
@Kamalisk I know many Quetzal deck. your deck it's amazing too.

1 Dec 2015 ttdlx1989

@Krasty Jak Sinclair is a nonbo with Always Be Running. It takes place before your first click, so you are unable to spend to break subroutines. And then you must still spend your first to run.

2 Dec 2015 gandrasch

What about Vigil for Turntable? I would help with the draw alot, because the corp has to dig for ICE.

2 Dec 2015 dante77

@gandrasch I need a card especially early in the game. I think the Inject it's better choise.
Early install Vigil has no effect, because corp watch that does not have a maximum number of cards.
In mid-game/end-game I need something to change sytuation on score area and Turntable it's perfect.

3 Dec 2015 CodeDigger

This looks like it would be a riot to play. One thought I had was Prepaid VoicePAD seems to be a nice fit. It takes 2 turns to break even but with 20 events that cost 1+'s it seems like a no brainer.

Too bad you don't have any room for influence because a one off Apocalypse could be boss in this deck. You can use it early to set them way back in the ice department or later to wipe out a horizontal deck.

3 Dec 2015 TugtetguT

This deck is so much fun to play! Brilliant. It plays so well, only thing is when you don't draw into e3 and ABR. I don't think the deck needs PPVP since money isn't really an issue.

4 Dec 2015 BobAloVskI

I have not played this deck so I might be a bit off the mark with the suggestion but John Masanori could be a way to get draw without losing tempo. I'm just not sure if there are going to be many unsuccessful runs. I imagine you facecheck an ICE, get past it with Quetzal: Free Spirit or Always Be Running and then go back next turn to kill it with the cutlery.

Another option to Demolition Run is Showing Off. However, you probably just want to do something like clear 4 cards from a Medium dig (trashing ICE) and then access 5 cards next time around.

Like the idea of the deck by the way!

4 Dec 2015 dante77

@mdprice In early version I use Prepaid VoicePAD, but in tests Data Folding give me more money.
Apocalypse it's not good choise. To many card I losing when i play this card.

@TugtetguT Without e3 Feedback Implants or Always Be Running or both Quetzal can still running. No worry about programs, it's optional. Before instal E3 or ABR i run to servers and force corp to pay for rez ICE. I got information and corp losing money.

@MrBobAloVskI One John Masanori is very good idea. I must try. I prefer deep digg, instead of unnecessary combinations.

5 Dec 2015 Phoenix

I tried your deck, and swapped the Employee Strike for Drug Dealer which has worked really well. Yes they cost you money, but the clickless draw really compliments the clickless economy.

Otherwise a fun deck to play, although whenever I take it for a spin on OCTGN I always end up against PE (BTW the last PE deck I played had an R&D server which was Grim, Architect, Architect, Archer - how do you deal with that?!).

5 Dec 2015 dante77

@Phoenix Got Mimic for Architect and few events (Kraken, Immolation Script, Forked) to remove ICE.
But I try play fast and remove ice faster than corp installs them.

6 Dec 2015 BobAloVskI

One thing I find this deck really struggles against is tagstorm decks. If you do not get the economic advantage early game and end up with a bunch of tags then you can easily be locked out servers with etr code gates because they will be able to trash your Always Be Running. Sure you can Parasite the Quandarys and Enigmas but sometimes you won't be able to get rid of them all.

6 Dec 2015 Stygian

I just brought this list to a Winter Championship game tonight, and lost 1 game. It was also to a Weyland:Gagarin oddly. It felt super solid. I was just face checking repeatedly with hardly anything out. I didn't even really draw out a super strong econ vs the couple butcher decks and still did very well. I was scared to use it as is because of the lack of draw, but for whatever reason it totally worked. Immolation scripts, Kraken, and Always be Running were MVPs for sure. Thanks for the list!

7 Dec 2015 futureguy

Goodness I built a similar deck. Always loved Quetzal and when I saw ABR, I knew I had to try something. I have a number of differences and I played the deck a few times on Friday.

  • I opted for 3 x E3 feedbacks and 3 x meant I had no Employee strikes. I found that, in rertrospect, 2 x E3 is enough.
  • I has Parasites in my first build but took them out. Silly move.
  • I ran 3 x Kraken. Had no Kati or Symmetrical Visage.
  • I went whole hog on drip econ.
  • I had more card draw than you and I think this is where our versions are different. I had 3 inject, but I may change this to 3x Earthrise as clickless card draw. I also had Prepaid Voicepads which I will keep - lots of discounts with the sheer number of events.
  • I had Mimics but I must admit I didn't add it for Architect (never even knew you couldn't remove it!). -I love the idea of Employee Strike. Brilliant include in this. I'll remove 1 x E3 and add two of these. -If I add Earthrises, I may throw in a single Faust for a last gasp run.

I may take this package and add it to Whizzard or another Anarch, but for now, I will continue.

8 Dec 2015 kyokorebit

How about Vigil instead of Turntable? Clickless draw for this deck is super nice:)

8 Dec 2015 Phoenix

Turntable is really strong in a meta with Astro/Global Food though.

10 Dec 2015 Zephro

Really nice deck, @dante77. I wonder though - one game all three of my Always Be Running were in the bottom 15 cards of my deck and I lost badly because the deck depends on it so much. By the time I dug one out I'd discarded so many ice destruction events that I couldn't really make use of it.

So do you think it might be worth worth switching Mimic out for either Crypsis or Overmind? Both let you break Architect, which is why you run Mimic in the first place, and they also let you use all your ice destruction events if you can't find your ABRs.

10 Dec 2015 dante77

@Zephro Always Be Running helps a lot, but it's not necessary to win. Don't forgot to Quetzal: Free Spirit ability, Parasite, Kraken and Immolation Script.
Keep running, and force Corp to rez ICE. Meanwhile draw a cards and search Always Be Running.

11 Dec 2015 quailman2101

I built a very similar deck a while ago on OCTGN. The idea behind it is awesome, but it can be a little hard to get rolling. I recently built a slightly different deck along the same idea. Instead of always be running, I put in Paintbrush. There are pros and cons to this change. Paintbrush costs one more influence so I could only fit 2. It is susceptible to program trashing. On the upside, it costs one less click to destroy a piece of ice. Also, you can use either of 2 cutlery on the ice (3 if its a barrier) - if the ice is a code gate, you use paintbrush to make it barrier, but it is still a code gate too. So you can use spooned or knifed on it. I need more time with this deck to see how good it is though.

11 Dec 2015 dante77

@quailman2101 The problem of Paintbrush: when you run on unrezzed ICE you don't know what's happend. If this ICE is destroyer, you program dies. That's why I use Always Be Running.

11 Dec 2015 quailman2101

@dante77 Yes that is the problem, AP ice too. I find it helpful to have a Mimic and a couple Retrieval Runs to compensate. You may be right though that Always Be Running is better.

13 Dec 2015 SecurityRake

Probably not good enough, but what do folks think about using some of that spare memory on one or two Gravediggers? With all that destruction, it can use your spare clicks to throw more in the trash for Immolation Script, on top of the usual excellent effects.

Or how about a Trope or two to get those key events back in the deck?

22 Jan 2016 Rustyphishook

@dante77 super noob question I'm sure.... how does the silver wear trash in this deck without ice breakers to correspond with certain types i.e.. spoon and knife with no barrier and code gate breakers?

22 Jan 2016 BobAloVskI

@Rustyphishook You can use Quetzal: Free Spirit's ability (barriers only) or Always Be Running to break the first subroutine on a piece of ICE. If the ICE has more than one subroutine then you can break all subsequent routines with e3 Feedback Implants. You have then broken all subroutines on the piece of ICE which will then be trashed via the cutlery.

22 Jan 2016 dante77

@Rustyphishook You can also use Parasite, Kraken,Immolation Script to remove ice.

1 Feb 2016 Android_I@n

`@dante77' this isa really fun deck. To make it legal cut one of the Always Be Running but that might be a mistake. I find I am short on cash and more importantly card draw with only one Symmetrical Visage and Kati Jones. I ranRun Amok instead of Kraken which has more utility and gives the corp a bad choice. To keep it legal I'm not sure if I should cut the Employee Strikes for Hacktivist Meeting/Inject for to get the 3rd Always Be Running or get either another e3 Feedback Implants, Parasite or Astrolabe for card draw.

16 Feb 2016 Dumon

N00b question - why not Faust instead of Mimic? And I am contemplating the same things @Manyallaluk does, although I am very hesitant to cut the third ABR, as it seems too important to get on the table quickly. That leaves room for one or two more cards (if we keep to 46). Not sure what to splash in here, though. Hacktivist Meeting and Inject seem interesting enough, the latter making the deck even quicker, but maybe there are even better options. Will also replace Kraken with Run Amok, once I get my hands on "Kala Ghoda" (soon)...

8 Apr 2016 Cluster Fox

Hey @dante77, I played against you a few days ago with Quetzal and you linked me this deck. I must say, very impressive and have been getting a lot of success with it! I did make a few adjustments for my own tastes: +1 Hivemind, +1 Progenitor, -2 Employee Strike, +2 Hacktivist Meeting, -1 Knifed, +1 Archives Interface. So at the moment I'm at 48 cards so at some point I'll have to cut some stuff, but the deck has been performing very well! Thanks for the link man :)

8 Apr 2016 dante77

Yo @Cluster Fox I also made a few changes. I remove Kati Jones and 2x Immolation Script, add 2x Inject and Jak Sinclair. Now Quetzal: Free Spirit is faster then ever.