Circus Lat, Very Bad, Do Not Play

bowlsley 544

I am publishing this deck not because I plan to play it in Worlds and subscribe to some noble beliefs about open decklists, but because I very much do not want to take it to Worlds. I do it to silence the small and persistent little voice in the back of my head that keeps saying terrible things, like "but you love shaper", and "just think of the tricks you can pull off with Brahman, Euler and Egret", or "five strength Echelon!" or even "no but for real I think Brahman might have some game against rush decks." I will not succumb to this voice.

I do think there's a germ of an idea here though, and I would quite like to revisit it in a few weeks time. Q-Loop is a great card with Brahman, but it's also just really helpful for getting a big rig shaper set up quicker. The breaker suite is designed for flexibility rather than all-in on the circus plan. I have perfectly normal good cards like Imp and PolOp and Turning Wheel! Khusyuk is actually quite a good closer!!

This is how it starts. Don't fall for it, kids. I'm playing Steve at Worlds, there will be 0 interesting cards in the deck, and I will still do terribly. See you there.

15 Nov 2021 valerian32

Pretty coool concept that brahman with prognostic q-loop and dzmz optimizers

15 Nov 2021 bowlsley

Yeah, bouncing Egret and the breaker of your choice every turn should yield a lot of sweet breaking opportunities, should the game go on long enough. I’ve found it quite fun, though pretty mentally taxing!

16 Nov 2021 Cpt_nice

Thanks for sharing the list so we can figure out how to beat this monster

20 Nov 2021 gilesdavis

Keep fighting the good fight, I'll be there with you on the front line.