A Drill Pickle

lobotomy42 50

My take on Uncorrodable.

It's basically the same idea: trash the runner's corroder to make all those cheap barriers useful. My main twists are adding Elizabeth Mills (to trash the Runner's Wyldside or Personal Workshop, or just manage bad pub) and Contract Killer to target Kati Jones. Just trash all the things! Contract Killer and GRNDL also make relatively safe bait for Ichi / Archer, and then score your chronos from behind a paper wall to really rub it in. If they won't take one of those, try Oaktown.

Account Siphon and Vamp are the big threats. Stick a Will-o-Wisp on HQ as a revenge measure, or just score High-Risk Investment as soon as you get it.

Hopefully, by mid-late game, either they have no barrier breaker, or they're behind in money from searching for it and installing it over and over again, or they've held onto both but are behind in agenda points. At which point you can stack a few spiderwebs up behind a curtain wall and tax them on some bait. A curtain wall outside R&D isn't a bad idea either. (If you've been scoring Oaktowns and Hostile Takeovers, you should be fine on money.)

Went 3-0 at a tiny, extremely casual tournament, FWIW.

21 Jul 2015 Mechanoise

Wow...a GRNDL deck! Haven't seen those since Blue Sun came out! Major props on trying out the identity, it's still one of my favourite identities, part in parcel to how thematic it is.

The problem with GRNDL is how unnecessarily punished the set-up is. Apparently starting with 5 extra credits entitles an Instant-Bad-Pub and a harsh influence cap. It pains me to say it, try it in Blue Sun to maximise your potential.

21 Jul 2015 Mechanoise

You do get an insta-like for using GRNDL though ;)

22 Jul 2015 hi_impact

The thing about Contract Killer and Elizabeth Mills is that they fall into the econ denial department, while this deck is all about program trashing. A runner can be on 100 credits and be totally scrubbed if they can't break barriers. I think you need to go down to Ichi 1.0 for more influence, and spend that on 2x Blacklist.

I think 2x Will-o'-the-Wisp is good though, I tend to have way too many when I try the deck.