You're a Wooley Harry 1st ANRPC HAC

GoHawks 321


WARNING: Playing this deck may lead to unwanted VICTORIES, proceed with CAUTION.

Possible side effects include: Narcissism, TOO many friends, and RANDOM people handing you CASH as you ruin Netrunner.

Don't believe me? Your Honor, I would would like to offer this into evidence:

alt text

Without further ado, the following has been lovingly tested perfected and SENSUOUSLY groomed.

All credit goes to Steven Wooley of Team Covenant Fame!

Know what's better than a Mammoth? A WOOLLEY Mammoth! Think the Corporations can keep YOU at bay? Listen to this:

"The woolly mammoth chewed its food by using its POWERFUL jaw MUSCLES to move the mandible forwards and close the mouth, then backwards while opening; the sharp enamel ridges thereby cut across each other, GRINDING the food. The ridges were wear-resistant to enable the animal to chew LARGE quantities of food, which often contained GRIT. Woolly mammoths may have used their tusks as shovels to clear snow from the ground and reach the vegetation buried below, and to BREAK ICE to drink." -Wikipedia

Want to GRIND through whatever the Corp puts in your path?

Look no further than Ice Carver, Net-Ready Eyes, Datasucker and the MOST efficient breakers A:NR has ever seen.

Great update to the now CLASSIC L4J list.

Who is this deck in both design and spirit? FEAST your eyes nonbelievers.

alt text

9 Dec 2015 x3r0h0ur

The your is killing me

9 Dec 2015 moistloaf


10 Dec 2015 gumonshoe

@x3r0h0ur Now, your just going to have to get over that. Your never going to be able to be a wooley if you can't get over you're hubris.

10 Dec 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

So how well does the combination of fixed breakers, D4vid, Atman, and ice carver work in-game?

I ask because the combination of all of those cards seems almost anti-synergistic. One of the biggest strengths of including Atman and D4vid in a deck is that with fixies, D4vid, and Atman you're basically never pumping a breaker and there are so many taxing 4-str ice that Atman can deal with. Ice Carver changes this equation.

If you set your Atman at 4, then with Ice Carver out you're losing the ability to deal with the Eli's and Ichi's. Of course, this affords your fixed breakers the ability to be able to deal with them...but then there's no reason to pay the 7 to install Atman. Lotus Field means you're either STILL having to install Atman4, or find and install both Yog and NRE.

Most egregiously, your D4vid no longer deals with Tollbooth, Ichi 2, Assassin, or Turing. This necessitates that you either actually end up installing Atman4 or rely on finding and installing some combination of the correct breaker, NRE, and datasuckers. Atman also cannot deal with a 4 str Turing, so you would be forced to use Yog and a str modifier.

Obviously, the biggest counter to this criticism is just saying that you don't have to install Ice Carver if it won't work for you in your particular situation, or if you have already installed Atman4, but then it probably could be replaced with a better card that is more universally useful? As it stands, the risk of installing Ice Carver and fucking up your breakers' interactions with common ice is too risky for the relatively modest credit savings it might provide.

I'm open to being wrong on this! I just don't see Ice Carver being a better include than something like another Parasite.

10 Dec 2015 moistloaf

good to see Ice Carver and cutting a sucker. i've actually been playing without suckers entirely and haven't missed them a single game.

11 Dec 2015 GoHawks

@Spaceman_Spiff I will quote da Wooley himself, "It's just very fluid. You don't have a board that is building toward permanence. Sometimes I'll do weird stuff like install Atman 3 if I'm holding NRE and Carver and need to put pressure on. Then I'll trash it later and re-install it with CC. Or I'll just hold Atman in the bin and have it available for CC to replace whatever breaker I'm missing. Ice Carver will sit on Peddler unless needed in many games as well. Or you might bring Carver in if you saw Parasites early and are on more of an ice destruction path. A lot of times D4V1D is used early to get through a Wraparound or Turing quick remote, and then never re-installed once the more permanent breakers start hitting. Then again, sometimes you break Turing with 3 mighty clicks.

It's really not very synergistic. It's about having the tools to solve whatever problem you're having now. Just make sure it's really worth solving!"

12 Dec 2015 Radiea

Any reason for 2x NRE and 1x Ice Carver rather than the other way round?

12 Dec 2015 Radiea

I mean, I guess it's purely cause lotus field is still a thing, but could 1x NRE 2x Ice Carver be a viable alternative?

12 Dec 2015 wompa164

Damn, look at all those $1s

14 Dec 2015 GoHawks

@Radiea You could absolutely try that. Hardware is a bit more permanent. However, Da Mammoth himself acknowledges that this shell has room for iteration. This is what makes this deck so exciting. You could go fast like Timmy or improve your glacier matchup with this list. The shell is the same but the focus is up to you!