Hungover Kung-Fu Rush (NO ICE - Top 8 NorCal Regoinals)

LazerDoofus 1551

So... I woke up the morning of NorCal Regionals with an evil hangover and a deck with no ICE and I made top 8 anyway (I was the only one of 8 IG players to make top 8), here's why...

Now that people are teching against IG with madness like archives interface, you need to play IG much fast than before, and when you feel like you're going to puke, you don't want your games lasting very long anyway :-) This deck went 4-2 on the day with one loss to a 33% I've Had Worse and another time because I couldn't play netrunner anymore because it was 6:30pm and I hadn't eaten still (I really take care of myself).

In testing this deck was 12-0 in comp on winning games in an average of 8 corp turns, On the day it did the same thing almost getting a kill in all 6 games no later than turn 9 and killing one runner on corp turn 3.

In future I'll be completely remove Museums as they rarely get used and going down to 49 cards will just make the deck faster and more consistent, as well as lowering agenda density (-1 Cerebral Static, -1 Power Grid Overload, -2 Museum of History, -1 Philotic Entaglement)

Killshots; Hiro, 2x Bio-Ethics, unadvanced Contract Killer/ Hiro, Bio-Ethics, Ronin/ any combination of 3x neural or bio-ethics, and ronin/ 2x Ronin/ Neural or Bio-Ethics, Ronin, advanced Contract Killer

"odd" card choices; Sensie Actors Union - This is the best card no-bodies talking about, it really pushes a rush IG strategy over the top and removes the need for Museums in the rush IG strategy, if you have one of these and a jackson installed you can draw 10 cards in a turn as corp (putting one on the bottom)

Power Grid Overload - Threw this in because I was scared of Hayley with Feedback Filter, didn't see it, was nice to kill astrolabes with. In a meta with Archives Interface actually seeing play I don't think just one is good enough or worth it, and I think that moving down to 49 cards will increase speed enough to make PGO unnecessary.

Contract Killer - This card is AMAZING in IG few people bother putting down plascretes and even if they do this card forces the runner to use their Councilman/Political Operative before they want to. I believe this card is a must include for IG in the current meta

NO OVERWRITERS????? Hiro does overwriters job and if a runner checks my advanced remote and its damage I'd rather they just dies then got brain damaged, is Dues Ex a thing? Yes, but I'll take that risk to be able to have 4 more inf to work with, especially in a meta where everyone is expecting Overwriter anyways.


10 Apr 2016 Chuftbot

Anybody who plays IG fast is a boss in my book. Good stuff, gratz on top 8. Power Grid Overload is crazy underrated btw, I've been experimenting with it as well.

10 Apr 2016 thekey

I played a similar list, with tech startup being the biggest change. It's very useful for getting the turtlebacks and your econ up, can be used for getting a jackson if you need cards, and works great with contract killer because if you can get your opponent on less than 2 cards by using hiro/bio-ethics/psychic filed or anything else, you can use the tech startup to get the contract killer and do the 2 meat damage to end the game.

10 Apr 2016 phette23

This is a brilliant list and I think the list of different kill combinations highlights why; there's just so many angles, and enough card draw to always get to one fairly quickly. And you know I'm on board with Sensie Actors Union—it's ridiculously powerful in IG.

10 Apr 2016 LazerDoofus

@thekey 1x Tech Start Up was the final card that got cut when creating this list, and I really wish I could find room to put it back in, but now going down to 49 cards like plan to there's really no room for it for me

11 Apr 2016 Hockmanm08

Cutting Philotic at 49 do the Shi Kyus still have a purpose? Those always tend to be my first cut anyways, but just wondering if those slots could be put to better use. Congrats on the good performance. Always supporting the IG.

11 Apr 2016 gandrasch

What do you do against Keyhole?

11 Apr 2016 LazerDoofus

Rez Hostile Infrastructure or Kill them before they find 7 points @gandrasch

11 Apr 2016 ilyanep

Not sure if this is really that indicative, but I was all hunkered down for an hourlong IG game at the regionals, when I got flatlined on turn 3 to the hiro->emp->ronin combo.

Super lucky draws aside, hooray for fast IG decks!

11 Apr 2016 RedOnionKnight

It was a pleasure losing to this quickly on Saturday. Would have been better to win but it's a solid deck that Kate couldn't contend with. Got lucky being able to choose not to play against it in the cut! XD sensie seems really good here.

14 Apr 2016 Failtech

I play a similar deck with 49 cards that has 2x mother goddes as the only ice. But it still works as a 45 card deck without ice. Bio/hiro/contract/actors is sooo good!

17 Apr 2016 Haggis

When do you Rez Hiro? After the runner's last click?

20 Apr 2016 LazerDoofus

@Haggis yup after click 4 before discards phase