Everything, everywhere, all the time [Startup]

CelestialSpark 314

Startup is a miserable world for runners, but this deck has done a surprising job of holding its own. The goal is to force an extreme commitment of ice to centrals or severely punish its allocation to the remote: 2+ ice on HQ, 2+ ice on R&D, and a real ice on archives, as our runs can easily swing to credit-positive once Leech, Sec Testing or Docklands, and Pennyshaver are online.

We also pack an extreme amount of multiaccess events that are both strong early and late; it's much harder to Punitive us when we Jailbreak for +3 credits, and we can afford to pay 15 to get into R&D on a hail Mary Trick Shot run if we really, really need to. Amelia is our "cute" include but will actually quite reliably fire if drawn early enough (or get trashed by Above the Law/Headline plays, but protect our other resources in the process).

The Curupira is probably the weak point of the deck and should possibly be a Pressure Spike. Shibboleth can be a bit problematic as well if you aren't able to get Leech counters for it, but it's very strong early game, so that's a less clear change.

It's possible that there aren't enough copies of certain key cards: drawing Alarm Clock early is absolutely huge in a deck that's running 3x Emergency Shutdown. Security Testing is a huge card to find early as well. Finding breakers can be a bit slower than you'd like against rush ice that the corp can afford to re-rez when you Window the remote.

Overall, the deck is extremely fun to play (as fun as anything can be against BtL that's running three copies of every huge barrier it can play while clicking its gain 5 credits button every turn) and has a good number of outs to play around for its bad matchups.