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arsarkis 1

I've been out of the game for a whiles, but with the release of the new revised core and rotation of older cards, I'm pumped to play some more Netrunner.

Any feedback on this is welcome!

27 Jan 2018 A_Runner_is_No_One

Aside from switching your copies of Snare! and Project Vitruvius to Revised Core copies, which is honestly, merely a trifle, I was thinking about swapping out some mix of the three bugs and the fields for Mushin No Shin. And unlike SFK, MNS does not have the "that can be advanced" clause, meaning you can use it on any asset, agenda, or upgrade. Like Snare! or Psychic Field, for example.

28 Jan 2018 arsarkis

@A_Runner_is_No_Onethanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to swap out the cards for their revised core set versions, for deck-building purposes.

MNS seems like it could be pretty good, I may try it out with fewer Snares, and see it how goes.