Paper Planes

CritHitd20 4077

This deck is very unoptimized but has still been a lot of fun. You're working with the base Cold Ones combo but we're forfeiting Ayla's setup speed for Kabonesa Wu guaranteeing a 14 card hand size with 3 Origami on turn 1. Once your handsize is ridiculous you Game Day to draw an insane amount of econ, get your Hyperdrivers ready, and prepare for your combo turn which you can find on Joeski's list. A huge hand means we don't have to play Bookmark either. The only change to the combo is now there's Upya to serve as your OotAs which is great. Maven is also cool, breaking almost everything as it is usually strength 6 early and you can contest servers pretty easily while setting up if you sequence your turns well. Chameleon is for contesting crazy early rush and Swordsman.

For those new to Kabonesa which is everyone, the two ways to permanently keep your programs you tutor is Scavenging what you tutor to keep it forever or to Kabonesa for SMC to keep what you tutor forever.

Guru Davinder is so the combo isn't broken by Breached Dome, Film Critic is so the combo isn't broken by QPM. I already have had a lot of ideas on how to improve this from its base level but there's so much cool stuff to do with Down the White Nile so who knows when I'll implement them.

6 Feb 2018 Manadog

How are you typically guaranteeing the Origami? Is it gamble or credit, then wu 3x for smc? If you don't find the find the gamble or an origami in your opener then you'd be at 0 credits on turn 2.

6 Feb 2018 CritHitd20

Yep, you got it. You base your first turn around what economy you have in your hand and then filter your deck with Wu while assembling Origamis. It seems unlikely you'd have to use all three SMCs with no Scavenge no economy and no naturally drawn Origami but if it happens you can still do it if your hand is total garbage. In general there has never been a Netrunner combo deck that doesn't have some complex decision points and this one has a lot more of them them usual.

7 Feb 2018 EnderA

Three other cards for consideration:

Mass Install: Especially useful combined with a second Upya to install 2x Upya + Equivocation in 1 click post-Apoc, but alternatively useful for setup, installing 3 of Leprechaun and/or Hyperdriver in 1 click.

Brain Cage: +2 hand size is nice with Game Day, a miniature 4th Origami.

Beth Kilrain-Chang: Good for setup if drawn early, good for combo if drawn late and corp is floating credits.

What do you typically use Dean Lister for? Contesting remotes?

7 Feb 2018 CritHitd20

Mass Install is gonna have a negative effect on the setup speed of the deck; the more non program cards that go exclusively into the combo turn the worse the average starting hand becomes. Brain Cage is cool but I'm scared of losing an important card to the brain, a card I've wanted to add for that role is Beach Party but there's some major work to be done in order to include that (likely Aesops to sell it start of turn). Beth is a great card and likely is good here, so is more Upyas if the deck can set up faster from other changes.

Lister honestly isn't likely needed beyond breaking Hortum with Chameleon, so maybe there is a better way to handle breakers. I was using Brahman before but that turned out to be inferior to Maven in most cases and the Lister is a remnant of that version.

11 Feb 2018 scd

This is beautiful and exactly what Netrunner needs right now.

14 Feb 2018 BizTheDad

Consider Top Hat given the digs on R&D get pretty ridiculous with both that card and Equivocation. It does hurt your brain though trying to figure out what position you're at after the Equiv draw.