19 cards

Hardware: Bomb • Install: 1 • Influence: 4

trash: The Corp cannot rez more than 1 piece of ice for the remainder of this run. Use this ability only during a run.

"No! Don't set that off HERE!"
Anarch • Maciej Rebisz • Business First 20
EMP Device
Program: Virus • Install: 1 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 1

When Diwan is installed, choose a server. As an additional cost to install a card in or protecting that server, the Corp must pay 1credit.

Trash Diwan if the Corp purges virus counters.

Anarch • Lili Ibrahim • Business First 21
Event: Run - Sabotage • Cost: 3 • Influence: 2

Make a run on HQ. If successful, instead of accessing cards, the Corp adds all cards in HQ to the top of R&D in the order of his or her choice.

Designed by 2013 World Champion Jens Erickson
Criminal • Mike Nesbitt • Business First 22
CBI Raid
Resource: Connection • Install: 1 • Influence: 1

Whenever you use a trash ability, gain 1credit.

"Why would you dispose of perfectly good evidence when you can sell it?"
Criminal • Vicky Sio • Business First 23
Tech Trader
Hardware: Consumer-grade - Chip • Install: 1 • Influence: 2

NetChip can host a program with a memory cost less than or equal to the number of copies of NetChip installed. The memory cost of the hosted program does not count against your memory limit.

Limit 6 per deck.

Shaper • Mike Nesbitt • Business First 24
Event: Current • Cost: 3 • Influence: 1

This card is not trashed until another current is played or an agenda is scored.

The Corp has 1 additional bad publicity (even if they have 0).

"We may be outraged, but we're not surprised." -Sunder
Neutral • Micah Epstein • Business First 25
Corporate Scandal
Event • Cost: 2 • Influence: 0

Play only if you have at least 1 seedy card installed.

The Corp has 1 fewer click to spend on his or her next turn.

"The corporations may be stronger than any of us, but they are not stronger than all of us." -Akshara Sareen 
Neutral • Anna Edwards • Business First 26
Populist Rally
Asset: Facility • Rez: 1 • Trash: 1 • Influence: 2

When you rez Advanced Assembly Lines, gain 3credit.

trash: Install a non-agenda card from HQ (paying the install cost). You cannot use this ability during a run.

Haas-Bioroid • Johan Törnlund • Business First 27
Advanced Assembly Lines
Asset • Rez: 1 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 3

Whenever you rez a card, place 1 power counter on Lakshmi Smartfabrics.

X hosted power counters: Reveal an agenda worth X points from HQ. The Runner cannot steal copies of that agenda for the remainder of this turn.

Haas-Bioroid • Caleb Souza • Business First 28
Lakshmi Smartfabrics
Operation: Alliance • Cost: 0 • Influence: 2

This card costs 0 influence if you have 6 or more non-alliance haas bioroid cards in your deck.

Trash a rezzed asset or upgrade. If you do, gain credits equal to its trash cost.

Haas-Bioroid • Antonio De Luca • Business First 29
Product Recall
Identity: Division • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15

The first time each turn the Runner draws a card, gain 1credit.

We Are What We Eat. 
Jinteki • Emilio Rodriguez • Business First 30
Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth
Asset: Facility • Rez: 1 • Trash: 5 • Influence: 2

When your turn begins, each player draws 1 card. 

Expensive to build but dramatically more efficient than traditional farming, agroplexes are emblems of the inevitable corporatization of the food industry. 
Jinteki • Emilio Rodriguez • Business First 31
Pālanā Agroplex
ICE: Code Gate • Rez: 1 • Strength: 3 • Influence: 1

subroutine The Runner draws 3 cards and then discards down to his or her maximum hand size.

subroutine The Runner draws 3 cards and then discards down to his or her maximum hand size.

"We can help others, yet also help ourselves." -Soraiya Suresh, VP Public Programs
Jinteki • Ed Mattinian • Business First 32
Agenda: Expansion • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

Your maximum hand size is increased by 2.

Data, not food, is one of the biggest exports from the Gujarat district of Mumbad.
NBN • Juan Novelletto • Business First 33
Remote Data Farm
Upgrade: Ambush • Rez: 0 • Trash: 5 • Influence: 1

If Disposable HQ is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.

When the Runner accesses Disposable HQ, you may add any number of cards from HQ to the bottom of R&D.

NBN • Simon Weaner • Business First 34
Disposable HQ
Agenda: Public • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

Install New Construction faceup.

Whenever you advance New Construction, you may install a card from HQ in a new server (and rez that card ignoring all costs if there are 5 or more advancement tokens on New Construction).

Weyland Consortium • Kirsten Zirngibl • Business First 35
New Construction
Asset • Rez: 4 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 3

When your turn begins, place 1 advancement token on Mumbad Construction Co.

2credit: Move 1 advancement token from Mumbad Construction Co. to a faceup card.

Weyland Consortium • Simon Weaner • Business First 36
Mumbad Construction Co.
Agenda: Expansion • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

When you score Corporate Sales Team, place 10credit on it.

When each player's turn begins, take 1credit from Corporate Sales Team.

"You got it. We sell it. They buy it. Everyone wins."
Neutral • Samuel Leung • Business First 37
Corporate Sales Team
Asset: Alliance - Facility • Rez: 2 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 2

This card costs 0 influence if you have 3 PAD Campaigns in your deck.

click: Place 1 advancement token on a card. You cannot score that card until your next turn begins.

Neutral • Caleb Souza • Business First 38
PAD Factory

19 cards