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Paige Me Red and Call Me Valencia - London Regional 2nd Plac


Description by the author: imrahil 323

My favourite first turn is Paige (firing her), SMC, credit, credit, allowing you to fetch Opus on their turn to fire Paige again. If you have the Wyldside to install turn 2 you are laughing else draw/Opus and start setting up.

You will find the blackmail threat slows the game down long enough for you to get into a really strong board state.

Against NBN my thinking was to run remotes (blackmail if there is ice) and Vamp to prevent the kill or fast advance. HB is actually a tough one, you have to run remotes due to the ABT threat as well as Eliza’s and Executive Boot Camp, beware of the kill threat and see how It goes. RP you out economy them with Opus and then Vamp when they try to score. Other Jinteki you Eater-Keyhole spam and finally Weyland you get Plascretes out and time the blackmail runs.

If I was to make any changes after its first real outing it would be to have a think about the parasites. They really didn't do enough work to justify 3 deck spaces and an MU slot,

On the day she went 8-1 (losing her very first game in swiss) played against 4 RP, 1 PE, 2 HB, 2 Weyland

A tournament report as well as an article about Valencia can be found on soon.

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