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I Prepaid For This Motherf***ing Event


Description by the author: akonnick 434

I just finished testing with this MaxX deck through a few games and I've never seen anything like it - the aggression and early game pressure this deck offered was unlike anything I've played. Andromeda has her opening turn that sets up her econ for the game. My opening turn with MaxX on my very first game? Mill 2 (Femme Fatale being one of the cards milled), Click 1 Retrieval Run to install the Femme on the HQ Ice, Click 2 Account Siphon with the opponent at 9 credits after an opening turn Ice, Ice, Hedge Fund. My opponent had an ideal opening and in 2 clicks, I have HQ locked, a huge credit lead, a sentry breaker on board (without needing to Scavenge) and 4 cards in hand with more on the way.

I'm clearly early in testing this deck, but wanted to put it out there for those that are just picking up Order and Chaos and looking for a solid MaxX build. She instantly appealed to me the moment I saw her. The raw card advantage she provides is unlike anything I've seen. While this reference may be obscure to some, Magic: The Gathering has an old card called Bazaar of Baghdad, which is a land that taps and lets you draw 2 cards and discard 3. Seems innocent enough, but this card is so powerful when paired with cards that work from the graveyard that it is banned in nearly every format and is capable of winning games on the first turn with the right deck and draws. While I don't think that MaxX is broken on that level, her ID ability that you get for free every turn sounds awfully similar to Bazaar and was really powerful throughout the games.

Here are some thoughts on the cards based on my play so far. I welcome comments as I really want to refine this into a great deck, so please feel free to ask questions and scrutinize card choices.

Retrieval Run - As I described above, this enabled the broken first turn play. If the ideal 1st turn for Corp is Ice on HQ, Ice of R&D, Money Card, then you know Retrieval Run in opening hand and programs in the heap is a powerful combo. I think MaxX is THE ID that is the best with Retrieval Run to the point that it feels like an auto-include. I would even go so far to say it is an auto-include at 3 copies just to get in your opening hand. With a Femme, Morning Star or Keyhole in the heap, you can make a big play for 3 credits that will set you up for big opening turns.

Account Siphon - Since your breaker suite and parasite is so good at neutralizing any ice in the early game, having at least a chance of seeing this card seems too good not to play one copy. I may go up to 2, but honestly may keep as is given that I felt that I had a lot of access to my one copy with all the Deja Vus I drew. It absolutely broke my opponents because my accesses with Femme/Morning Star were so cheap.

Day Job/Lucky Find/Sure Gamble/Prepaid Voicepad - Given the number of events I wanted to play, this econ package seemed like a natural fit. I initially had Dirty Laundries for some of the Lucky Finds/Day Jobs. After I played the deck, I liked being able to take a turn off to play one of those more click intensive (but more credit lucrative) cards, let my hand refill with more options from MaxX's ability and get back into running next turn with a recharged credit pool. The tempo of this econ package felt good, so I'm sticking with this for now. Account Siphon provided its fair share of money as well, so I could see lowering the Lucky Find Count if you subbed in another copy of Account Siphon..

Scrubbed - If you play Morning Star and Femme, you have to be worried about higher strength ice like Archer and Heimdall. While Scrubbed isn't a perfect solution, I was worried I wouldn't have the memory to run Datasucker and I was worried about getting locked out of central servers with a virus clear. Scrubbed has a better chance of sticking around, lowers for 2 and pairs nicely with Parasite, I didn't need it in my games so far, but would like to test it out and see if it is good enough to keep (Note: after all the convincing comments, I will be changing this to 2 Datasuckers).

I've Had Worse - I floated tags in every one of my games and this card let me feel safe doing so in every game - even against my Scorch opponent. Between this card and Wanton Destruction, you have a lot of disruption at your disposal so I wasn't afraid of the corp getting the pieces needed to kill me. This is the card Anarchs have been waiting for. I was also just as happy to draw 3 for free with the Prepaid discount.

Eater/Keyhole/Wanton Destruction - This card package seems really strong. I never played Keyhole in any of the games as they were always in the heap and saw them late in the game, but Wanton Destruction lives up to the hype. Whether you play Amped Up before it or not, hitting 3 cards out of a perfectly sculpted hand is big and I got points into Archives every time I used it. With all the money in this deck, this card package seems to be a great primary win condition with the Morning Star and/or Femme providing support for the ice they handle. It is also a great alternate win condition if you can't get regular accesses if the corp gets a bunch of high strength ice up and the game goes longer - just money up and use Eater to Keyhole or Wanton Destruction your way in and hope to put points in Archives.

Parasite - I was debating whether to play the cutlery cards, but liked the versatility of Parasite and the fact that Deja Vu would get me two of them. I played against one deck with the Weyland constellation ice where this was bad, but was glad I had in the other games. Still on the fence but will continue testing - I may end up just cutting to 2 copies as I held 2 in hand during a couple matches waiting to use.

Singularity - This card seems massive against Personal Evolution as you can safely blow up a Mushin'ed face down card. Also, I thought it would work well with Eater to get an advanced agenda out of a remote server where you may not have the breakers to get a regular access (say a Lotus Field is protecting), but you can pay to get through with Eater and clear the agenda into Archives to steal it later. I played it once and feel it is worth a single slot in the deck.

Amped Up - I don't like this as more than a 1 of in this deck, but was glad I had it for sure. Comboing this and Wanton Destruction makes for a great turn and it seems worth a deck slot. I would hesitate to play multiple copies because you don't want to take too much brain damage given the poor synergy with I've Had Worse. You should be floating tags with this deck and the only way to protect against Scorch/Net Damage kills is to make sure you have a max hand size enough to make the draw 3 effect trigger by not dying first.

Morning Star - Isn't this really the reason you want to play Anarch :) Seriously, this breaks most of the popular barriers for ridiculously cheap. With Scrubbed, you even hit Heimdalls and unadvanced Hadrians or Curtain Walls that aren't placed out in front. With the synergy from Retrieval Run, this card seems too good not to try. Also, with Eater, you know can get into Archives to make the Retrieval Run successful.

Femme Fatale - as I mentioned in the description of my first turn with MaxX, Femme gets you a guaranteed cheap access on just about anything it targets. I am totally fine blind Femme'ing something as long as it allows me guaranteed access to Keyhole, Siphon or Wanton my way to victory. It also happens to be a great sentry breaker that may allow you to never even install Eater. Having played Kate with Femme for a year, everyone knows how good the card is. The only thing better than a Femme is a Femme that you pay 3 (or less with Prepaid discount) credits to Retrieval Run and install. This card is well worth the influence and with Datasucker/Scrubbed support, is extremely efficient.

Levy AR Lab Access - If you want to play this deck, you need this card - period. You won't use it every game, but when you use it you will be glad you have it. Aside from just keeping the good cards flowing, you need the protection against damage decks. Believe me, MaxX can burn through some cards without Weyland or Jinteki's help.

Grimoire - I build my memory needs with the long game rig in mind. My ideal rig if the game goes long enough is 6 memory and is as follows: Morning Star (2 mem), Keyhole (2 mem), Femme Fatale or Eater (1 mem) and Parasite or Eater (1 mem). Grimoire is the cheapest way to get this memory in faction and it charges up your parasites to make them faster. I don't really see anything else that makes sense in this slot at the moment.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why not 47 cards? - I honestly don't think 47 is a great idea. Everyone is saying MaxX's ability allows you to play a higher card count and achieve similar consistency to other runners. You could make the same argument for Andromeda, but I don't see anyone trying to play more than 45 cards for her. You want MaxX and Andromeda because they give you better consistency than every other runner and watering down this built-in advantage doesn't feel correct. I drew extra cards on my turns and used Steelskin to dig, so it wasn't like I was just waiting to deck myself and needed the extra turns. You have Levy (and Deja Vus to get a milled Levy) for a reason, so don't be afraid to use it. I never came even close to decking myself and only used Levy once in any of my games, so I wouldn't go above 45 cards purely to avoid self milling. It's not like you lose the game for being unable to draw cards like the Corp anyways, so what do you have to lose?

How do you deal with Code Gates? - while the sample size of games is too small, the biggest ice I'm worried about is Lotus Field. For Quandary, Enigma, Viper. Tollboth, etc., I felt that a combination of Parasite and Femme could do the trick. Also, even if I see a Lotus Field, it is not that expensive to break with Eater and I can always get through for a Siphon/Wanton/Keyhole Run. Yog doesn't help with this, so I saw no reason to include that. If I am proven wrong, I'll just make room for a copy or two of Spooned.

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