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Haarpsichord Doomsday 2.3- Public Sympathy Shield 1st place


Description by the author: Isvan 453

Okay, so somehow this pile of junk went undefeated at the Stockport Public Sympathy Shield this weekend (21-man tournament, five rounds). The basic plan is:

Jackson + Diagnostics + Shutdown into scored Hades Fragment, pass turn.

You have a full archives but if the Runner goes in they give you money, take tags, and you can score out with the help of Hades for the win.

You can win out of hand (without a preinstalled Jackson), ending up with two Jacksons exiled. First Diagnostics is Interns (JHow), Reclamation Order (Diagnostics) and Biotic. Second Diagnostics is Interns (Hades), Shipment x2. Use your last click for the fifth advancement.

If you remove three Jacksons you can get an extra operation use, which can get you around The Source with or Clot with Cyberdex.

Usual win conditions after combo-ing are scoring Astro next turn (if the runner doesn't run) followed by Beale or Explode-a-Palooza. If they do run, you can Midseason + Psychographics out a Beale (or just Psycho if they don't clear tags).


Noise- waited for him to not have Clone Chip / Peddler, then went for it, he didn't run and Astro'd him to death.

R2- I honestly don't remember what ID my opponent was playing here (maybe Kate?) but he didn't play any of the ~5 cards which actually interact with me and didn't steal Hades Fragment, so I went off and won in short order. Not much to say here.

CT- her only installed card turn 3 was SMC, so Shutdown got it to prevent Clot from wrecking my day.

MaxX- played Hacktivist Meeting, but he was being really careful to avoid getting Midseasoned so I scored a naked Beale to kill it, then combo'd

Stirling: Needed to bait him into running to enable Shutdown, so I installed a naked Beale (win/win). He took it, could maybe have won if he'd run on Archives straight away and used Critic to remove all my copies of Beale, but he didn't so I scored Astro and chained.

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