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Good Things on Sale, Stranger; 1st place Plano TX Regionals


Description by the author: hi_impact 661

This is the deck that took first place and first seed at the 62-player Madness Games and Comic store. It went completely undefeated in Swiss and bracket. I was and still am completely blown away by the sheer power of the deck. Never once in a list of Blue Sun IT Dept, HB:EtF, NEH Butcher/Fastro, and TWiY Psycho did I ever feel out of control or threatened, and that's a list of Corps whose mention gives me the scares with any other Runner.

Street Peddler and Faust thrust Noiseshop into the stratosphere of Tier 0, and that's my intention of describing in this writeup. Taking a hand with Wyldside, Aesops, or Peddler immediately puts the tempo in your hands, and it's a big deal when Daily Casts was easily the worst card in the deck. The tactical strategy of rezzing impactful ICE against Noise goes out the window with a Peddler out, and Faust further amplifies the power by providing insane use to the 7+ dead draws. Lotus Field went from MVP versus Noise to waste of 5 credits. Architects are no longer a problem and only a two-card/credit nuisance, and it's always possible to just get in if you really need to.

This allows the Noise penultimate strategy of checking remotes, plundering HQ with Imp, and playing Viruses to be literally unstoppable between Datasucker, Parasite, d4v1d, and Faust. These guidelines were followed in every game of the day and neither faction, ICE, nor kill threat stopped the machine. Only one Medium dig was performed, the remaining wins were wrestled from HQ, supposedly safe remotes, or Archives.

I can't emphasize enough how strong this deck felt and played.

Big shoutout to the Austin crew and the greater southern Netrunner meta - we will get our ANRPC soon, believe it. And Brad Venable and his lovely wife for running the smoothest tournament ever with awesome mid-round promo raffles and a savvy judge... simply amazing.

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