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The 2-Armed Ice Feast (1st Place Undefeated Mead Hall Store


Description by the author: TheBigBoy 569

Unlike my janky NEH deck (which you can see here: this deck is absolutely incredible. In testing online and in person it pretty much never lost, pushing at least a 95% win-rate. Between the Mead Hall Weekly League and this tournament the deck is 22-0 in the last 6 weeks. It carried me to 1st in a field of 48.

This deck is the runner-advantage incarnate. I have no idea how to beat it. It has Clone Chip Parasite, Faust, Wyldside, Turntable, Meat Damage Protection, Levy, double Medium, asset hate from turn 1, and a critical mass of cutlery events. It cuts no corners and has no bad match-ups. When I start the game with Econ + Wyldside on turn 1, the game is never ever close, but I also win many games never drawing Wyldside at all.

To learn about this style, and the initial build of the deck, check out my blog post about it (From December 25, so everyone knows I was doing this crap before it was cool :P)

This deck went 5-0 in swiss and 2-0 in the cut. In one game my opponent got to 6 points. The rest were blowouts.


Round 1: HB EtF with SanSans, Biotics and NEXT (7-2) I killed all his NEXT silvers, trashed all his Assets, and then dug R&D with Medium.

Round 2: IG Museum Mushin kill (7-0) I trashed all his assets, ate his damage when I had IHW in hand, and got 7 points in about 5 minutes. He never had more than 5 credits.

Round 3: NEH Butchershop (with 3 restructure and very little ICE) I drew 2 Liberated Accounts and got rich, but he used a really early Breaking News to trash my Wyldside. I stole a Beale and he could go to 0 credits to give me 2 tags, but chose not to. He got a Breaking news Install-Advanced that I could not take without floating a tag or getting Midseasoned, so I had to let him have it. He Scorched into 2 I've Had Worse, which drew me my 3rd I've Had Worse and my Plascrete. The game was pretty easy to win from there with Medium.

Round 4: Spark Rush (7-6) This was a scary game. He got an Astro out behind Pop-Up Datapike which was a 4-credit hit for me when I checked it. He got ahead 4-0 after FAing another Astro. I still had no Wyldside, but was able to blow up his R&D server with Parasites and dig with Medium turntable, stealing his Astro Counter. I was super broke all game, but he couldn't keep me out. All he could do while I dug was get an NAPD scored that was I not interested in (and had no hope of getting).

Round 5: RP with all the Faust tech (7-2? 7-5? I can't remember) I got my Faust killed by Swordsman and lost 7 cards to a Komainu. It didn't matter. I trashed nearly all of his installed cards except an Architect on R&D and won despite Mimic being literally the 45th card in my deck. Parasite is Broken.

Cut Round 1: RP (7-4) This guy knows my deck and knows he has no chance after turn 8-10, so he fast tracks for a Mk 2 and scores it behind Komainu, Lotus Field. He showed me this ice with a turn 1 Celebrity Gift, so I least I don't lose my hand going after it. He then scores an NAPD, going to 4. Then I trashed literally all of his installed cards and he lost. At one point he began his turn with nothing installed and 0 credits. RIP

NEH wins me 2 terrifyingly close games in a row and I go to the finals having to lose twice.

Grand Finals: RP (7-0) He draws lots of assets, all of which I trash. I big-dig with Medium before he can get any momentum and win in about 5 minutes.

Clone Chip Parasite is so strong, it's worth the 5 MWL influence easily. I didn't face any Astrobiotics on the day, but my testing against @Calimsha and others showed that the match-up is favorable thanks to Medium + Turntable and their totally crap ICE suite.

This deck is a complete face-roll and Faust should be banned. RIP Netrunner ;)