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Bloodlock: An unexpected monster v0.99


Description by the author: Erik_Twice 535

When I took Industrial Genomics to Sunday's tournament, I didn't expect to do well. I was doing it for kicks! It looked like a fun card, that could build a different deck and, hey! I already won a Store Championship, I can just play whatever and have fun, right?

Well, I did have fun. The five Runners I flatlined...not so much.

The deck looks awful on paper: 54 cards, a hodgepodge of upgrades, three copies of Interns, and ICE that is both prone to Parasite and extremely expensive to rez. But it works. It works hard. And is very punishing towards the Runner.

What this deck does is force the Runner into a cycle of bad decisions, that can be boiled down to this:

1) They need to trash cards, specially Hokusai Grid and economics assets. But they can't do it while Hostile Infrastructure is on the table. 2) They can't trash Hostile Infrastructure because it's too expensive, they need to run archives first. 3) After running archives, they don't have enough cards and money to trash anything, so they sit back and click for credits and cards. 4) While they recover, assets pay off their profits, archive starts to fill back again and any trashed card of importance is brought back by Interns.

Basically, the deck combies the taxing aspects of both HB and Jinteki PE. It's a glacier deck that taxes cards, clicks and credits, constraining the Runner and preventing him from making runs. Going through Tsurugi, trashing Hokusai Grid for 11 while taking an extra point of damage from Hostile Infrastructure just to faceplant a NAPD or a Snare! is not pleasant so runs are few and very damaging.

The deck is also extremely hard to control economically because of the increased costs of trashing and the free turns not being able to run gives it. The usual denial tactics (Parasite, Siphon, etc.) are often a expensive in clicks and cards that is better spent elsewhere and, in practice, I wasn't bothered by either of them.

Really, it's an absurdly powerful deck and I didn't expect it to be. Hard to play, though, you must take care not to be forced to play your Jacksons early in the game.

I decided to run 54 cards to prevent self-milling, some matchups will go long and you really need those five extra turns to score and win. The influence is not neccessary and can be probably spent on a better Code Gate than Lotus Field, because I hate how it becomes blank if the Runner plays Atman or Torch.

So yeah, I'm afraid I've created a monster. Sorry guys!

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