Andy in the Red Dress (Oslo Store Championship)

Kamalisk 422

9 Mar 2014 PeekaySK

Let's hear a strategy section or something. What I'm most interested in: if you had to name one reason why Woman in the Red Dress is worth 4 influence, what would it be?

10 Mar 2014 Kamalisk

I mainly published these for my group to see. The main idea was to save myself R&D runs and focus heavily on HQ, the red dress let me know if I should run on HQ or R&D. Normally they draw the agenda, and are often forced to discard from the extra draws.

The main reason I tried it, was because I realised it was a connection and could be grabbed with Hostage, so it gave me an excuse to run 3 Hostages to ensure I get PC and Kati out quickly.

Raymond flint I would definitely drop, as it never helped once though :P

10 Mar 2014 Kamalisk

Crash Space I found to be a lot better than Plascrete, it prevents one turn kills most of the time (since they need a click to trash it if I am tagged) and it works really well against Punitive, as they aren't tagging you. Also since I don't want to be tagged, it lets me remove tags very efficiently, especially against ice like Data Raven.

Feedback filter, because this deck hates Jinteki.

Otherwise it is mostly just the standard andy. I think account siphon is overrated, so haven't ran it in a long time :P