Death By A Thousand Rusty Cuts (v1.0)

joechip90 99

Saw Meme

This started as a meme deck where I tried to see whether rusty Weyland can pull off a black tree play style. However, it has fared suprisingly well in the JNet casual rooms and has been a particular thorn for the 419 decks that are currently floating around.

Damage when they run

The trick to this deck is that you need to get advancements on your ICE as quick as possible. This is why having Masvingo or Akhet in your opening hand is great as the former gives itself an advancement on rez and the latter can give itself an advancement if the runner facechecks it without a fracter (it still triggers the rusty Weyland effect that turn).

To give extra value to each ping of meat damage, you want to install and rez Storgotic Resonator as soon as possible. It seems to be a low trash priority for most runners (as they see it as a bit of joke card). But this can often turn a ping of one meat on the runners turn for an extra ping of net in the corps turn which can snowball into triggering another counter on the Resonator. I've added a one-of Neural EMP too. This has occasionally flatlined the odd careless runners who forget about Resonator damage when they go to steal a dedicated City Works Project.

There is a one-of Brainstorm that is included just for the occasional cheeky kill: Wall To Wall can place counters on non-advancable ice which means a careless run into a Brainstorm with an advancement will kill the runner when the encounter ends. However, even if you don't manage to get an advancement counter on Brainstorm, a successful fire will leave the runner vulnerable to the Neural or a Resonator fire.

Damage when they don't

Runners can be a bit more cautious around rusty Weyland whilst they set up. This means that you often have a window to score out a Broad Daylight. This card combos nicely with Storgotic Resonator. I've had a runner hit an ICE on their turn for one meat which triggers the resonator and then, on my turn, I've fired the resonator then roughed them up, if either trash a card of the right faction then I can often get an extra fire of the resonator which will often finish them off (for a total of 4 damage on my turn).

The trick with this deck is not to always neccessarily wait for a kill window. Tempo damage is quite useful and often opens up a scoring window for a City Works Project. Also, the most useful fire for Wall To Wall is to place advancements on your ICE. Stopping to advance ICE yourself really slows things down and the trick here is spread advancement tokens thiny as quickly as possible so that the first run of every turn will trigger the rusty buzzsaw.

17 Jul 2020 joechip90

Also just a heads up that Jnet doesn't currently add a counter to Storgotic Resonator when you trash the correct faction card out of hard with Broad Daylight so you have to add a power counter manually then (although if you use the resonator straight away then be sure that JNet then doesn't give you another one if you trash the correct faction card with the resonator fire - as it only fires once per turn). I've added a bug report. These are the sort of card interactions you can only test when people create absolute jank.

Remember also that if you score the SDS Drone Deployment and you trash a program matching the runner's faction then you also get a counter on Storgotic Resonator but, if the runner steals it, then you don't (because in this case they do the trashing).

18 Jul 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Best looking BON deck I’ve seen for ages!

19 Jul 2020 joechip90

@Baa Ram Wu thank you very much!