Step 1: Don't play SMC. Step 2: Profit

ExiledOx 5

I haven't played this deck much yet, but I built it on some spicy takes concerning shaper and from my games so far with it they seem to be paying off.

  1. SMC costs too many credits. Shaper has an insane decoder that is an AI breaker of sorts too. Just play 3 copies of it and draw it using ProCo+Hyperdriver and Diesel. Shaper's crappy economy cant take SMC!

  2. Stimhack makes SMC bearable but costs too much influence to be able to do #4 as well. Instead, use Modded, which can reduce the costs of more things.

  3. Rezeki doesn't work in shaper bc you just lose before you get money. Be optimistic and use Jackpot: you will steal the agendas! People gave this card a lot of bad pub when it came out but it is good. Its a dead draw once you are on game point obviously but putting yourself 3 turns behind to install rezeki isn't that great late game either, is it? Also costs no mem, which allows for fun kyuban shenanigans.

  4. Spend the influence to play the best breakers in the game. Bukghalter makes it much easier to make money while being proactive, and paperclip is paperclip.

  5. Have the intangibles in your favor. Having loads of multiaccess is good so you don't have to rely on remote lock and continually losing all your money going after NGO fronts. Maya can bottom the cards that help the corp out of their predicaments, namely Border Control and cards like that to, again, protect the value of your runs.

There ya have it. This deck makes tons of runs, so if you like making runs you should play it.