Doom Shadow

Diogene 186

Here we go, yet another apocalypse deck (YAAD). What's the difference. There was plenty of Leela like that at Continentals. Also, is it not better with a shaper deck to do the Aesop+Apoc jank?

Well, that's true. But here is the thing : Aumakua + Datasucker + Boomerang = super efficient breaker. Criminal = rich. And 40 cards deck = consistency. That last point is the key.

This is why this deck is simple. It is plain netrunner. You run a third of the time, setup second and draw for the third. Apocalypse is here to solve the problem of the deck : Glacier and Asset Spam.

Glacier mean passing multiple ices. If there are 2-3 ice on all centrals and remotes, it becomes an impossible proposition after a purge.

Asset spam mean trying to trash too many things. Criminals are rich, but without some serious support, it can't go on forever. Since Apoc was designed for asset spam, it always work wonders.

Aesop for easy cash after Apoc. Kati for big payout the turn before Apoc. Swift allow the extra MU and to use Run Events for a better Apoc setup.

The consistency of a 40 cards deck, with 17 differents cards mean you'll get confortable with this deck fast. The 3 others breakers are there in case of purge, to restart the combo Aumakua+Datasucker. Also, it is useful against SDS Drone Deployment. Not to mention that Breach is mighty good against loaded Masvingo.

Tech that is not there but would help : Buffer Drive (to get an Apoc back and protect against damage deck), Hunting Ground (vs NBN mainly) and more draw (like Earth Rise Hotel or The Class Act). The reason is mainly creds and inf. More cred will protect you vs punitive and HHN.