Governmental Jemison for Flintsbach


This is the deck I played in Flintsbach on the Lockdown format. During the tournament I unfortunately found out, that the border control was banned, but I was allowed to change it to an Ice Barrier. In future revisions this will be exchanged: Cerebral Overwriter will be thrown out, another Junebug in, together with another magnet instead of Border Control.

This deck is a little bit weird, as Aumakua has been banned, so I was less afraid of AIs. Also nobody played Apocalypse which was also quite nice for a change. Jeeves was also not trashed at all times, which enabled some funny things.

Speaking of which, you will find yourself often click for money. I realized I am a little bit poor to support the build.

The Magnet was supposed to be used against stuff like Chisel, and saw one use. Not against Chisel, but as a protector of my Surveyor against an Ika. That was fun. I probably should find a way to rez and derez Magnet, so we can get rid of all these stupid Chisel-Builds.

I got my Government Takeover scored once, and stolen once. Glenn Station was supposed to keep the Takeover after it has been stolen, but it is random AF. This deck is by no means competitive. But it is fun.

11 Sep 2020 DL7RRK

Nice idea, but I would also need something to derez the magnet, as it only attracts the card only when it is being rezzed.

13 Sep 2020 AxWill

Divert Power could work well in tandem with Magnet. Ofc you need multiples to make it work consistently and that is quite a lot of deckslots for an answer to single strategy. But that would probably be worth of experimenting if you want rez-derez -magnet.