Agenda: Initiative • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

Place 3 agenda counters on Efficiency Committee when you score it.

, hosted agenda counter: Gain . You cannot advance cards for the remainder of this turn.

Haas-Bioroid • Jason Rumpff • Creation and Control #5
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Efficiency Committee


Bifrost Array: What's nicer than getting 3 agenda counters on to Efficiency Committee? Six of course!

Trick of Light: Who says you need to use those agenda counters as written? Just move them with Trick of Light, perhaps to score a 3/2 agenda like Accelerated Beta Test, or Project Vitruvius out of hand in one turn? Really this can be a useful part of any fast-advance strategy

Psychographics (perhaps in combo with Midseason Replacements if the runner needs some tags) can actually be used to advance & score agendas with the agenda tokens from Efficiency Committee this is allowed because of the careful wording on Psychographics is specifically says "place" rather than advance.

Other uses: The extra from Efficiency Committee agenda counters can of course be very flexible and allow the corp to pursue additional economy, install additional ICE, draw additional cards, purge virus tokens... if spent all at once, one turn could have 9 s (3 's spent on the agenda counters themselves then 6 usable s leftover!)


3 Very powerful agenda counters, creating six 's the runner can use in many useful ways

2 Agenda points are not too shabby

Can seriously swing tempo/momentum into the corps favor


Agenda counters s cannot be used directly to advance agendas

As a 4/2 Agenda, the 4 advancement cost makes it harder to score compared to Accelerated Beta Test or Project Vitruvius


I'm honestly surprised that this little card had no reviews on this site. It has significant power for HB fast-advance decks. In many deck-lists only 1-2 copies of this card are used and that seems about right.

--It just saddens me when I see cards with no reviews. If you appreciated this review, please give a heart and I'll be encouraged to write more.

You can't use Trick of Light on this card since it receives Agenda counters, but Trick of Light moves Advancement counters, but cards Trick of Light and Shipment from San San can be used with this card to advance agendas while using the Efficiency Committee clicks. While I agree with you that this card is powerful, at the end of the day, a 4-2 is about as easy to score as a 5-3, but still has all the deck building disadvantages of 2-point agendas. —