Everfree616 586

"You may do as you wish without fear of retribution. It may serve you, however, to be aware of consequences."


This is "Tetsuzanko!", the yellow Jinteki deck, and it's all about punishment. To quote someone I just finished playing with, "Damn! This deck is f**king spicy!"

The number of traps and cards that play off those traps in this deck allow you to facilitate blowout turns in response to cards like Maker's Eye, Legwork or Deep Data Mining or sometimes just a very poorly timed regular run.

To give an example from Jinteki.net, I had a (very sporting) fellow player Deep Data Mining on 9 credits against an open R&D. He had a Magnum Opus on Dhegdheer, a lash of money making resources and two clicks left. AR-Enhanced Security was scored but there was no need to fear that or the Hard Hitting News in HQ. Recovery was just a few clicks away. He accesses.

Honeyfarm - Honeyfarm - Archangel - Snare!

Dhegdeer is returned to hand trashing the Mopus. The runner is tagged and takes three net damage. Two credits are lost. And R&D is now the scariest place in the world. But the Hard-Hitting News is in HQ. He's seen it. He clicks back up to 9.

The turn begins. Closed Accounts, The All-Seeing I, Hard-Hitting News. End of turn.

The game played on and we both had a laugh at the absurdity of what had just happened. The gap was far too great to be made up at that point but, in fairness, he fought on like a absolute champ.

Now, the stars don't always align quite that splendidly all the time but this deck loves to punish and it punishes hard because most people just don't see it coming. They respect HHN, of course, but so long as their credit pool is adequately full they feel they have nothing to fear because they're playing NBN and with the right knowledge and preparation NBN is actually pretty predictable. Plenty powerful, sure, and often painfully inevitable but still predictable.

So it often comes as quite a shock when that 15 Minutes comes at the cost of an installed card, gains the corp two credits, tags them as well as locking them out of stealing the Project Beale that you just leave there for a turn knowing they'll probably think it's a trap so you can throw down your Hunter Seeker and clean up shop. Then next turn you score for two points and suddenly every face down card becomes even scarier.

Even Film Critic has been largely manageable because the amount of Film Critic killing crap that flies at you in a single turn often means you get to chance to carry maybe one or two agendas away with it.

Thanks to Jinteki.net's snazzy new Win/Loss ratio I can tell you this deck has won five times and lost once for a lovely 83% win rate at time of writing. That one loss was mostly due to me goofing up spectacularly on a trace calculation meaning my Hard-Hitting News only managed to backrupt me and not really bother the runner too much as he grabbed a Quantum Predictive Model for the win. More of a Tetsuzank- Oh...

The deck can turtle up or play horizontally. It taxes, it tags, and it hits you hard when it Snares! or BOOMs!

It's a very fun and very deadly deck to play around with and I have high hopes for it in games in the future. Give it a try and let me know if you have any suggestions. I have a feeling this will be one of my go-to lists for a while and any critique is much appreciated.

6 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

I think this deck is worth it just for making me think about AR-Enhanced Security and Snare! which is amazing. Now personally I'd be tempted to try some Estelle Moon shenanigans instead of Hunter Seeker and use MCA Informant and Best Defense to clear out kill preventers. Oh, and Prisec?

7 Oct 2017 BenjayC

What could you possibly drop to include best defence and mca? Thanks

7 Oct 2017 Handsome Jack

Have you thought about Stock Buy-Back?

7 Oct 2017 RubbishyUsername

@BenjayC I don't know whether I'm playing it wrong but Honeyfarm feels like the weakest card.

8 Oct 2017 Myriad

Seems like an interesting shell for Argus too. Stock buyback for days.

8 Oct 2017 obscurica

Ran into this deck on jnet, and it took the entirety of the current version of Brahman Prophecy to beat it -- 0 cards in deck, 3 cards in hand. Barely clutched it out. This thing produces nasty surprises. @Myriad is right, though: the Honeyfarms were the least-effective parts of the deck.

Maybe consider Prisecs and a CVS? Easier to produce bait servers with more upgrades, and the CVS is just good times vs all the turtles running around these days.

The player running this against me also complained about a relative paucity of credits to work with, but I dunno if that's a real concern or a play error on their part.

8 Oct 2017 obscurica

Whoops, I meant @RubbishyUsername, not Myriad.

11 Oct 2017 ichigokuto

Hey @Everfree616im enjoyin the deck... :D thinking of swapping out a honeyfarm for a current to counter employee strike.. any thoughts. Also, whats that anime GIF from above? cant work it out.

22 Oct 2017 kevnburg

This deck got me to finally try Haarpischord. I've been having a lot of fun with the ID, but struggled a lot with economy with your setup. I'm now playing with the Snares, Hunter Seekers, Product Placements, and Honeyfarms replaced by Estelle Moons, Stock Buy Backs, Prisecs, and Franchise Cities.

26 Oct 2017 znsolomon

Interesting deck, but it feels like with only 1 boom, 1 closed accounts and 1 preemptive to recur them that the deck just doesn't have enough tag punishment. Seriously, only 9 cards in the deck benefit from the runner being tagged (boom, CA, PA, QPM, resistor, ASI), and seeing that the deck is quite poor, it just seems like the runner can go tag-me as soon as they find and kill the boom and just pay through resistor traces. What do you think?

1 Nov 2017 tonybluehose

This deck is pretty dang fun. Just went 4-0 on the Jnet. I dropped all the Honeyfarms and the Preemptive Action and added 2 PAD Campaign, and 2 IPO. Went 2x Product Placement and 1x Psychographics.

As for the wins, I got two flatlines via BOOM! and then scored out twice (once with a psychographics).

Definitely want to play with it some more; most likely adding an MCA Informant

17 May 2018 Radiant

This deck is really fun, but I was basically "hope they don't access Snare! right now cause I can't pay for it"-level broke basically the whole game - clicking for credits was extremely commonplace and really slowed me down, even though I did end up clinching the win. How did you play around this?