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Lunatic CI V1.0 - 3rd Dutch Nationals


Description by the author: rotage 994

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This is the deck that I took to Dutch Nationals and came third with a 5/1 record in Swiss and 1 loss in the cut

The deck started life out as a pure murder deck using Brainstorm with Helheim Servers for a Jank Event, the idea being that with CI you will have plenty of cards that you can discard to use with Helheim Servers to ensure the Brainstorm can not be broken. Then you can use Neural Emp to finish them off, but during testing I found if the runner realised this they could sit back and it was hard for me to score out as the original deck had 3 Vanity Project and 3 Global Food along with Punitive Counterstrike

I took inspiration from seeheartype Next Design deck High Violet and added the Hunter Seekers and the cheap gear check ice to enable me to start scoring out early to force the runner into running early, I could then use the Hunter Seekers to trash their breakers

The main question is when do you rez Brainstorm, for me I only rez it when I am confident it will fire and it will do at least 4 Brain Damage, but ideally I want at least 5 Brain Damage to ensure I can finish them off with just a single Neural Emp, you can also use Enforced Curfew after hitting them with a Brainstorm to force them to steal an agenda or play a current

I'd make quite a few changes to this deck. Archived memories should have been in the deck but was forgotten about so I'd to include that, I'd probably go down to 2 Brainstorm and 2 Heilheim Servers to allow 2 Archive Memories in the deck

Also a shoutout to emilyspine who had to endure testing against this