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Temper Tantrum - The most fun I've had with CV


Description by the author: knails 434

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stimhack.

Are you tired of digging through 50 cards for your breakers and console?

Are you tired of Milling your breakers against Skorp?

Maybe you are a CI player and your hands ache from holding too many cards?

Then oh boy, Do I have the deck for you!


A little slow off the mark but once Patchwork and zero hit the table he's off like a rocket, Double dipping with peddler to use Patchwork on the corp turn is a great way to get the most out of this console and it's also the most effective way I found to reliably trigger Gnat's ability at the start of your turn. Only having to get down to 3 cards in hand is much easier than getting down too two.

Do you keep missing your IHW with Zer0? Get some shiny new ribs!

Wanna draw more cards? Get some better blood!

Played to many stims? No you haven't!

Get yourself a spooky skull and keep going!

This little pipsqueak is pissed off, full of stims, and he's coming for your gendies.