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Leela Cortez (2nd DC Regionals)


Description by the author: netdeckdane 103

Some people at the regional seemed surprised by this deck, so I thought I'd publish it. Been playing variants of the same shell for several months. It does very well against Jinteki and HB glacier decks. Against IG, it's fine as long as you have money and Keyhole early, or Archives Interface early. Same with moons, although you have added help from Film Critic and Gauntlet.

I had no idea how well it would perform against Sync Boom, but it went 3-1, so that's a pleasant surprise. Future versions will likely remove all 3 Aeneas Informants and replace them with extra copies of Aaron and Hernando.

5-2 on the day, not counting byes etc.

Unusual Card Choices:

What is a Hernando Cortez? He's the best. Makes nearly all Jinteki and HB ice cost 2-3 credits more to play. Cost me 2 credits and a click to install; costs the corp 9-15+ credits over the course of the game. Confuses the hell out of people. Sometimes corps put MCA Informant on it out of fear. Gives Aaron a human shield.

OMG why aren't you running Desperado instead of Gauntlet? Gauntlet wins me a lot of games. Corps usually have 2 ice on HQ against criminal players. I routinely get triple accesses on HQ. Makes it even more likely that I bounce the agenda they are slow-advancing over in their remote.

Fisk Investment Seminar is horrible why is this in your deck? Combos with Gauntlet, combos with Leela, combos with Account Siphon, combos with Tapwrm. Sometimes it combos with all of these cards on the same turn! Don't be dumb with it. If Sync Boom is obviously searching for combo pieces, don't help them.

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