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Stupid Bird Deck Kit - 2nd at Philly SC


Description by the author: saetzero 705

First things first.

I did not test this deck even a single game before the Store Champ I brought it to. That being said...


I am really dumb for that one.

Moving on. <3

This is my stupid Kit bird deck. Soak it in. Let it envelop you.

a gif

That's the reaction I'm looking for.

Test run the Peregrine to find it, break and derez something. Then after that you install off London Library, and return to hand either with a click from London or by derezzing something.

Cook the chameleons on the PW so you can break more than 1 ice a turn (besides stupid Wraparound lol. Seriously, add the fucking Inti.). Also add all the hardware on PW. Stimhack them off. Make tons of bucks with Temujin.

Tinkering to spot derez an annoying ice. Hello Archer (got two of them that day)

I think the list kinda plays itself. Make money, protect it with NACH, make smart shaper runs. Temujin is ridiculous.

On the day it played vs...

GRNDL - Win CTM FOUR FUCKING TIMES - 3 Wins, 1 Loss CI 7 point combo - 1 Loss

Good enough for second place. My corp was also a little weird and 100% untested too. I'll take the result every day of the week.

Side note: People are trying to call this Balut Kit. Google it. I am not fucking endorsing that. Nope. :P