Decklist of the week

Killer Penguins (1st Copenhagen regional)


Description by the author: Shmeguy 967

My corp for the BABW finals, going 3-2. Read the meta badly and played 4 siphon spam anarchs and a crim after cutting a turing (-1 BLC +1 Turing). @Terrificy won Copenhagen regionals with this deck.

The basic combo is:

Biotic -> Mirrormorph out a Brain Rewiring + Show of Force -> Hasty (pile 3 Shipments, any kind) -> AD -> advance one agenda a final time. In the action window, score Brain Rewiring, pay X where X = their hand, then score Show of Force. If shipments are missing they can be replaced with biotics.

All in all just a fun deck if you aren't in the mood for spam, but I would definitely have taken some form of spooky if I wasn't so out of the loop.