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[Fite Nite 2021] Uund Nutzen Full Throttle


Description by the author: JackMade 2570

Fite Nite 2021

Fite Nite is happening again! The contestants this time around:

  • NWE ß-team: JackMade, lostgeek, percomis, HerbartKlopstock
  • Snare Bears: analyzechris, thebigunit3000, skry, groenkaaf
  • The Process: leachrode, chrisferg, nemamiah, binarydogs

Stay tuned for dates and streams! Find all decklists here.

Went 2-1 over two FITE NITES winning against Hivemind MaxX twice and losing to Apoc Tao.


The name "Uuund Nutzen" has quite the backstory going back to a Euregio tournament where i played the first installment of an MCA Austerity Policy CtM with the now rotated Team Sponsorship. The day before the tournament we had a warm-up GNK in Cologne featuring Marcellus who then in the evening was telling the story of him scoring a Government Takeover and using it on stream against Kenny Deakins at the european championship (some might remember that game) . Then we rambled on about lots of different cards in Netrunner that you could rez and use or install and use always with the german phrase "Uuuund Nutzen!" which roughly translate to "aaaand use it!".


  • "Install SMC uuuuund Nutzen!"
  • "Install ProCo uuuund Nutzen!"
  • "Rez MCAAP uuuund Nutzen!"

So that how that deck name came to live. In the actual Euregio tournament i announced every first use of MCAAP with that famous quote. And if you don't know, now you know.

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