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Pew-freakin-hoo (GNK 1st-Place)


Description by the author: Venali 217

As noted in my runner (, new things are love, and so I ended up bringing big green to a local tourney. The Builder went 3-1, defeating a Rielle, DLR MaxX, and Edward Kim while falling to Bhagat Whiz.

Firstly, after getting some practice in from these games I think it's safe to cut down on the number of advancing ice, mostly because it's bad. Ice and Fire did a lot of work for me, but I very rarely got any use out of a shadow or wormhole, even for the damage. The small deck size and digging for pieces let me have one of my barriers up on important places quickly every game. Builder isn't worth the spot most of the time, but the times it does make a difference it can be a huge one. Probably just swap them for enigma or something.

Prisec is awesome. I had a judge behind some ice and threw out 3 prisec in an unprotected server, then tossed agendas in there and just dared people to come in. Obviously that won't happen often, but it's real funny when it does.

3 snare is the right number. I'd never had any experience with 3 in a 40 card deck, and man does it feel like they're everywhere. Snares and judges are cruel.

This deck makes a lot of money. Hedge and restructure are great, of course. You often don't care about the BP from Hostile, as the cost is offset by the damage they take from the run on the servers that matter. Subliminal is a lot of fun here, because let's be honest, no one wants to keep taking a hit every turn for little gain.

The Cleaners is a hard score. A very hard score. But if you get one and the runner isn't light-years ahead, it feels like it just ends the game. 2 damage when you run? 2 and a tag from Prisec? Stahp, Cleaners.

So yeah. This is probably a solid tier 2, but it's fun. If you swap out some of the bad ice it might jump to tier 1.8 or so. When the new code gate hits, and if there are any other advance ice that hit the table, we might actually see this be competitive.

Brief aside - playing against this ID as a criminal feels super shitty. That is all.

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