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spicy (splicey?) azmari - 4-0, MKE SC


Description by the author: stoppableforce 471

@janktivist's Azmari deck is solid enough that you can make really bad decisions like

  • -2 Bio Vault
  • -2 Echo Chamber
  • +2 Navi Mumbai City Grid (f*ck boomerang)
  • +2 Gene Splicer (it's unstealable points but also sometimes you kill people if they stimhack the remote with the right card count) - big hat tip to @x3r0h0ur for this idea; he played it in Sportsmetal and killed me with it a year or so ago and it stuck with me

Won vs. Apoc Hoshiko, Apoc Hoshiko, Leela, and Aniccam Ken in the Milwaukee store champ on 5/23. Could've killed in the first game only (only 1 card left in their hand and 0 in deck!) but ended up just scoring 3 agendas. That's life.