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🚫🇪🇺🤝🍌💲 (40th @ EMEA 2024)


Description by the author: Gathzen 351

(Non-EU Compliant Banana Seller)

After my performance at ACC with this deck, some of the other TAI Breakers started trying out the list, suggesting changes and giving me feedback. Thanks to their help, I ended up with this version.

Main changes

Gameplan and Fast Advance

They both have not changed much since the previous iteration of the deck. The main thing is now having the possibility of having a Holo Man hidden somewhere in a remote for a sneaky score.

Results (4-3)

  • Round 1 (win): TwadaCZ - Kit
  • Round 2 (loss): OF15-15 - Hoshiko
  • Round 3 (loss): xiaat - Arissana
  • Round 4 (win): Lutheus - Zahya
  • Round 5 (loss): SeaRose - Hoshiko
  • Round 6 (win): mao - Arissana
  • Round 7 (win): MattOhNo - Kit


I think this deck is quite good, and probably better than the previous version. I was happy that I made it to top half and got a positive score, but I think I could have done a bit better. I think I can attribute some of my average performance to me being very tired from traveling and not being good with the heat.

I also think cutting 2x Regolith for 2 cards that can cost a lot made the deck a bit fragile on econ. The Vigs are good but not a great nor reliable source of econ, they are mostly used to force runs and econ out of the Runner. We will have to look at the econ situation again.

When playing this deck, I find myself having to take many risks to score out. I also feel like something more can be done to tax out the Runner for trying to interact with us. I used to be on trash and tag punishment, but this requires quite a few slots to make it worth, so I would have to make some difficult cuts to make that work again.


Thank you to all the organizers, judges, volunteers and everyone else who made this amazing event happen!

I also want to thank all the TAI Breakers! It was so nice meeting a bunch of you in person for the first time. I had such an incredible time, it was so fun, and you all are amazing! Can't wait to see you all again!

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