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AuMaxXua - Post-Rotation, but not the real core set rotation


Description by the author: Thike 704

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This is one of the first post-rotation decks I've been working on for past week or so. Squirtle is great, I love MaxX, Sifr is great Squirtle support for when you get purged. Everything else kinda falls into place. Other than the turtle power, it's a pretty simple reg-ass build.

I've got two issues that could use some improvement:

  • It feels a little poorer than I'd like. I guess anything without Temujin Contract does these days. If I wanted to be crazy, I could drop the Levy and add some low influence econ options, like Aeneas Informant or Deuces Wild, but I'm keeping the Levy for now.

  • SYNC Boom is one of the stronger decks post-rotation, and without Plascrete Carapace I feel a little vulnerable to it. Citadel helps, but is still a resource. The other thing I've tried is Jarogniew Mercs, but that also doesn't let you go tag-me if you want to.

PS: I'm literally using Squirtle cards instead of Aumakuas because MaxX + Pokemon = amazing.

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