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DamonFork (Post-MWL2 Cutlery Whizzard)


Description by the author: TheBigBoy 3771

Why did I even try playing anything else…

This deck is still awesome. After getting hit by the MWL for an impressive 7 influence, the power of its core strategy still shows. Losing all 3 of the Clone Chips from the last build is a huge deal, but every NBN deck losing 2 Astroscripts is just as big of one.

If you are somehow not yet familiar with this deck, here is the game-plan:

  • Open the game setting up a nice economic cushion and (hopefully) your draw engine.
  • Poke early (with a pressure card if necessary) to provoke rezzes and get slow-Parasites working.
  • Use the threat of the Faust-D4v1D anti-rush combo to force the Corp to create an uncomfortably expensive remote server.
  • Choose to either destroy that entire server and then pressure HQ along with any new server that pops up, OR set up an R&D lock by destroying all the ICE on R&D and any replacement ICE that the Corp puts there. DO NOT choose the latter strategy unless you are confident the Corp is not currently holding enough points to win the game (of course this is sometimes not a straightforward judgment call and is the one in which most of the skill in piloting the deck lies).
  • During all of this, use Whizzard to destroy ALL long-term economy assets the Corp tries to establish, so that replacing their ICE will be as painful as possible.

With the perception that this archetype would not survive the July MWL update, a lot of players have begun to gravitate towards some of this deck’s best match-ups (RP, various Asset spam decks).

There are some new faces in the line-up that I’ll explain here:

1 Bhagat – This guy goes 1x at least in every non-tag-me Anarch deck I build now. The pressure he creates all game long is impressive. He goes best in a deck that would normally have very little HQ pressure, which is exactly what this deck is. Forcing the Corp to put an ICE on a server that may not even have any agendas in it is huge for your ICE denial strategy.

1 Kati Jones – With FastroBiotics basically out of the picture, we can slot a bit more slow-and-potent economy to help fight Hard Hitting News and Midseason’s traces. If you get Kati down early against Glacier it can actually indirectly feed Faust since you will be able to discard more of your economy cards.

1 Grimoire (0 Turntable) – I’m not too concerned about 1x Astroscript and 2 MU is actually SUPER useful for this deck (you actually kind of need it in match-ups where you have to install the mimic). Powering up Parasites and Mediums is a nice bonus. That said, you don’t go over 4 MU until quite late in the game so 1 copy of this is fine. DON’T DISCARD IT AGAINST GLACIER! The regret will be real if you do…

1 Déjà vu – 0 Clone Chips means some kind of recursion substitute is nice. Usually you get double Parasite, but you can also recur any silverware event, a D4v1D, or even your Levy if you somehow goofed up and lost it.

2 Employee Strike – OK so I know I said we didn’t need this card against IG and Gagarin, but now we DO need it for NBN: Controlling the Message. Luckily the current builds of CtM are pretty fragile and if you see the strike in the first 5 turns of the game they usually crumble. Between this and the Museum/Temple nerfs, anyone still trying to make their Mumbad City Hall prison deck work should be a free win. Strike also plays some nice soft-denial against Palana Foods and HB: Engineering the Future.

This list currently has 0 Plascretes because I’m not sure how much kill will be around given the Astro and Breaking News hits. If kill is a big deal then a cut should be made for a Plascrete (possibly the 2nd forked, the Déjà vu, or the 2nd Medium).

Remember, burn it ALL down. Anarchs for life :)

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