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Valen-Seamus (1st at the Edinburgh SC)


Description by the author: Seamus 3884

I wasn’t very excited about store champs beginning in the same meta as I’d been practicing in for worlds four months ago. However, I continued to enjoy my spin on reg Val which I’ve been tinkering with since rotation was announced so thought I’d take it over the probably stronger Hayley builds that have been going around.

My most obvious transgression from orthodoxy is choosing Employee Strike as my restricted card. I’ve tested Film Critic (with hacktivist in the current slots) and found it a little underwhelming. Eating net damage that jinteki demands has rarely been a problem and Femme gives me an acceptable answer to Data Raven protecting Quantum Predictives.

Employee strike has proved strong against CTM, Aginfusion and Brain Rewiring CI. It is also incidentally strong against outliers like Titan (preventing atlas tokens) or Skorp (in combination with the conspiracy breakers). The latter of these was very relevant as I faced that dastardly Skorp Corp three times on the day.

Most of the rest of the deck is standard anarch good stuff but here’s the thinking behind the spice:

Test Run

At 50 cards you can find yourself gearchecked somewhat frequently. Test Run (particularly in combination with femme) answers this nicely. It’s also an extremely fast and affordable answer to mythic ice for a crucial run. Added to that, it’s ability to recur Femme, D4v1d or Imp is really handy. The same but less so is true of retrieval run and both are flexible supported by Same Old Thing.

Femme Fatale

Femme provides an answer to Data Raven, Mythic and generally annoying ICE in a single card for a single point of influence. I found Aumakua slow and vulnerable to lock-out when you need it most. The prevalence of IP Block sold me on abandoning AI breakers when CTM was popular and I’ve not really looked back.


The deck doesn’t really need the MU but the ability on Turntable is rarely irrelevant these days. Almost every competitive corp deck is running mixed agenda values, agenda with relevant counters, or both.


Imp is my pseudo Film Critic, added at the eleventh hour, shortly before leaving for the pub. Even with it my one runner loss of the day was to CI Moons, supported by Lakshmi, but it did feature in my favourite runner play of the day.

Favourite Play

I faced Skorp Corp in round three and my opponent installed an unprotected and unadvanced card. I realised it was a Standoff intended to enable Hunter Seeker. An Imp token sent it to the bin and I ended the game surprise-swapping it for an Oaktown using Turntable.

Thanks to all my opponents for being nice and letting me win and to Johno for designing which was excellent.

Boo to Steve for micromanaging when I was allowed to have fun and Matt for threatening me with physical violence.

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