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Devochka - Russian Nationals Winner


Description by the author: igrekk 431

Deck name

Means “girl” in Russian.


Run, Run, Run! Spend a couple of turns setting up your board and commit hard to pressuring on centrals while keeping eye on the scoring remote. By turn 5 you should be running and forcing ICE rez. By turn 10 assemble R&D/HQ lock. The majority of games end by turn 15. With this deck you’re advancing the game state with every run, even when not stealing agendas (by charging Turning Wheel and Net Mercur, and forcing discards with Maw). There is no recursion like Same Old Thing, Levy AR Lab Access or Test Run. Burn bright and win fast or fall to ashes.

Tournament record

3-2. Both losses are to flatline decks (Argus and IG). Had zero practice with this type of matchup, so I think the deck could perform better.

Notable card choices

  • Diesel gives you flames!

  • Sure Gamble / Dirty Laundry / Peace in Our Time standard burst econ suite. Sometimes it is difficult to find a window to play PiOT due to the opponent scoring rapidly, but that means you’re doing it wrong. You may swap it with 1-2 Day Job.

  • The Maker's Eye is the most reliable multiaccess choice. Good synergy with The Turning Wheel, Equivocation and Maw. Closest option here is Indexing (especially with Mad Dash) but everyone is aware of it and packing Excalibur / Miraju / EBC.

  • Maw does things and win games on its own. Jokes aside i think it's the best console right now. Almost like Utopia Shard, but works every turn (because you have tobe running a lot while playing Smoke).

  • Dagger good killer, a bit worse than Switchblade. This downside is compensated with Dai V.

  • Dai V your plan B in case of fuckup (like losing one of your breakers). Also your answer to Ashigaru, Tour Guide and "Kings Arthur Express" (Excalibur in Aginfusion).

  • Refractor ideal decoder, while Houdini is a trap costing you 1 more almost every run.

  • Paperclip. Well, Blackstone is also a trap. Saved influence for economy cards will be wasted on facing uncomfortable barriers. Also Paperclip is so damn efficient so it is a crime not to play it.

  • Cloak single copy is pretty much enough.

  • Tapwrm most debatable slot in the deck. Nearest choices are Day Jobs and Multithreaders. While it synergizes well with SacCon spam it needs to net you 10 to be better than 2x Day Job. In most games it will earn crazy amount of money as purging viruses is a HUGE tempo loss for corp.

Tech slots

Going into nationals with players building decks mostly on their own, it necessary to pack some silver bullets. Feedback Filter is for PU/PE matchups, you usually don’t have that much money to prevent damage constanly, but it might save your life in a pinch. Misdirection is for those cheeky “I install Atlas here and HHN you into oblivion”, so that you can get to the agenda while protecting your home from unexpected renovation. Film Critic is a restricted card of choice, to play around Obokata and Best Defence/Hunter Seeker combos, as you can’t afford to lose more than one breaker.


Big respect to Moscow community for intense testing and deck advices. Also to the guy ( sorry I forgot your nickname) grinding a similar style Smoke deck on We had a brief talk about his Smoke list which inspired me to play this style.

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