Event • Cost: 1 • Influence: 2

Search your stack for an icebreaker, reveal it, and add it to your grip. Shuffle your stack.

Feverishly tracking its frustratingly slow progress across the Pacific, the package finally shows up hours later…
Criminal • Kate Niemczyk • Core Set #22
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Special Order


  • offers reliability
  • allows you to play different Icebreakers for the same ice subtype if you want to


  • the cost of installing said Icebreaker went up by a click and a credit
  • often worthless lategame


  • be careful of program destruction if you run single copies of Icebreakers.
  • If you run multiples of your breakers, then Special Order can actually be a good card to recover from program destruction lategame like Aggressive Secretary
  • if you have a solid stack of money, then a "good" Special Order turn can look like this:
    • Click 1: Run blind
    • Click 2: Special Order appropriate breaker
    • Click 3: Install that breaker
    • Click 4: Run successfully