Program • Install: 0 • Memory: 2 • Influence: 3

2, : Search your stack for a program and install it (paying the install cost). Shuffle your stack.

"Make sure you tell the source code which executable you want it to compile into. One time I left my rig for a couple of minutes, and when I came back all of my files had been replaced with cat vids." —The Professor
Shaper • Lili Ibrahim • Creation and Control #46
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Self-modifying Code

Commonly referred to as 'SMC'.


  • can tutor for any program, including non-icebreakers
  • can be used midrun to tutor a program needed to break a just-rezzed piece of ice


  • can be difficult to have available in mid-late game
  • Can be expensive to pay full install cost of an expensive breaker + 2

Notable interactions

  • Leprechaun is the perfect place to install this, as the MU cost of programs is irrelevant to Leprechaun
  • can also be installed on Djinn, and then used to install a breaker (installing the breaker elsewhere, not on Djinn)
  • Clone Chip can be used to install this, then immediately use this to get the program you need - effectively turning Clone Chips into extra SMCs - this can even be done mid-run
  • with an installed and sufficiently loaded Datasucker, SMC can be used to fetch a Parasite and destroy an ice on facechecking it, before its subroutines fire - this technique is known as 'Parasite bombing'
  • including single copies of efficient one-use breakers like Deus X and Sharpshooter is powerful with SMC able to fetch them exactly when needed
  • As a 0 program, it can waste Kate "Mac" McCaffrey's program install discount
    • However, it can be used during the Corp turn to get Kate's discount a bonus time (since the discount is once per each player turn)

Final Thoughts

  • a faction-defining card for Shaper, it fits into many, many different Shaper decks
  • Clone Chip very frequently pairs with it, to get the same instant-install effect from the heap
  • it is an interesting contrast with Test Run
    • SMC shines as a way to safely facecheck ice, but can require a large amount of credits on hand to pay ability cost, install cost of breaker, cost to boost breaker, and cost to break subroutines.
    • Test Run on the other hand shines as a way to affordably break a rezzed ice this turn, as it lets you to temporarily install any breaker without paying its install cost - perfect with Femme Fatale