Program: Icebreaker - Killer • Install: 9 • Memory: 1 • Strength: 2 • Influence: 1

1: Break sentry subroutine.

2: +1 strength.

When you install Femme Fatale, choose an installed piece of ice. When you encounter that ice, you may spend 1 per subroutine on that ice to bypass it.

Criminal • Kate Niemczyk • Core Set #26
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Femme Fatale


  • her bypass ability makes her very flexible because you can target a non-Sentry
  • her bypass ability also circumvents "when encountered" abilities, so Tollbooth, Data Raven, and Komainu make prime targets.
  • you can also target unrezzed Ice, if you have a strong read on your opponent what kind of ICE he is hiding there.
  • easily splashable with only one influence point.


  • most expensive breaker in the game as far as installing cost
  • quite expensive to boost her strength
  • Be aware that the corp can "revive" a femmed piece of Ice with Chum. Now you've got to break Chum, if you intend to bypass the Ice without taking Net damage.


  • seems to be a very strong breaker for Shapers. Not only do they have the "weakest" Killers, they have plenty of tools to take advantage of Femme:
    • Test Run allows you to bypass a certain piece of Ice without paying the 9 credits upfront and you can then choose a different target once you install her "for real"
    • Personal Workshop allows you to take advantage of the timing structure as you can install your Femme during a run after an approached piece of ICE gets rezzed
    • With her high pumping, but good breaking cost makes her a prime target for Shapers strength boosting equipment, e.g. a Femme Fatale on a Dinosaurus is a very efficient breaker against most sentries.
  • Could work in an Anarch deck with Personal Workshop to get into a certain central server you want to hammer
You can scavenge a femme to choose a new piece of ice with er ability, not a good enough combo to specifically include one in a deck with the other, but if you happen to have both its useful when you really need to change your target server. —