Operation: Transaction • Cost: 5 • Influence: 0

Gain 9.

Hedge Fund. Noun. An ingenious device by which the rich get richer even while every other poor SOB is losing his shirt.
—The Anarch's Dictionary, Volume Who's Counting?
Neutral • Gong Studios • Core Set #110
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Hedge Fund

See Sure Gamble for similar review ;) This card is pretty much identical, and there is a great Pro/Con review under Sure Gamble. It is a staple economy card, and all economy Operations should be compared to it - 5 credits investment to make 4 credits profit.

Sweeps Week usually provides the same bonus, for only 1 investment but only certain times it can be used.

Successful Demonstration gives a 5 credit profit, for a 2 investment but the requirement that you stopped a run, which usually means either a) you're Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and they just jacked out of a central to run a remote, or you rezzed an ETR they couldn't break, which makes it a bit more difficult to fire.

Celebrity Gift is two clicks but gives a seven credit boost, (So six credit gain if you count that click as 1 credit) at the cost of revealing your secrets.

Beanstalk Royalties is 0 investment, but only 3 credits (but can help you get up to range for a Hedge Fund

Restructure is a whopping 10 credit investment, but does give you 5 in profit

You can see, all of the burst econ Operations give you 3-5 credits for a single click (the double of Celebrity gives you that 6th :P) but if you want more credits you either need a higher investment, or a situational trigger

Best econ card is Paywall Implementation in certain decks. Cost 0 and can net up to 10+ creds or discourage the runner from trashing your assets which is even better. —